Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Firyuza – Firyuza {Turkmenistan} [1980] (fusion/prog rock)

an updated better rip for this old post and mysterious band. Thanks to Andrei Solovyov!

its a pity..no good information on web for this title..one of the rarest asian fusion came up to the scene from turkmenistan.album have 3 songs.put some light folky scales,good solos,hiperactivity..this is firyuza..if you have information/knowledge dont hesistate to share in comments..keep listenng!

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Anonymous said...

Click here to download.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, this is indeed a very rare record! Although this is presumed to be the USSR release, there is nearly no info on the band in the web even in Russian. All I know is that the band's leader, Dmitriy Manukyan, was a member of Gunesh in its earliest days.

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ORO said...

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lahano said...

thanks my friend. a prog group from turkmenistan is really rare.it must be interesting.

ganietzsche said...

image can be found here:

here it says 1979 though, but i assume it is the same release.

Εσάρ Σεβεντιουάν said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this rare gem!

Anonymous said...

Absolute Wonderful!
I love greek/Turkish music.
Also, i am ancious to hear
more music like the
Socrates - Phos album.
Absolutly a high for me 2 years ago
heard all the rest of theyr albums
now. though, the first "phos" is still my favourite... more of this

Thank you Prog not frog.

Carlos Alberto said...

Here there's another link for downloading Firiuza's music, that's absolutly excelent.
taken from: http://centraldoprog.blogspot.com/
C'est magnifique
Es excelente
escúchenlo, no se arrepentiran

Baxter Tocher said...

Hi - I'm getting "file not found" on this one. Am I too late?

Anonymous said...

Am I too late?

nahavanda said...

yes you are 4 years late.

Anonymous said...


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