Monday, July 07, 2008

Zappatta Schmidt - "It's Gonna Get You" {USA} [1971] (funky hard prog)

Somewhere it says; "...My knowledge on this band is practically non-existent. Did these guys really exist as a band? Or were they just drafted in to cut this record. Its all very mysterious as the writing credits mainly to Eddy Grant (who also produced the lp) and there are no players listed. I'm no expert in Eddie's vocal talents...but is that him singing on this?? Sure kind of makes sense if it is. I would never associate Eddy Grant with heavy afro funk but thats the general slant of this lp - Heavy heavy organ funk that isn't so much about songs...more like grooves! Three of the tracks are over 8 minutes long so they are really jamming along here. Its hard to a fave track but 'Freedom' is possibly up there. It has a very long morose intro and then just drops into fuzz guitar that just rips into a funky rocker. Phew..." read more here
otherplace album described as; "...If you can figure this album out, you're a better man then me. It's psych rock to be sure, but with a really weird blend of songs. Funk heads want it for the 8 minute "Sweet Jam" which is as good as advertised - a heavy, mid-tempo groover. All things considered though, this is more of a collector's trophy than a record that you'd actually want to play out...." read more here

ZaPPaTTa iN thE citY..

Our thanks goes to antony :)


nahavanda said...

Anonymous said...

Track no.7 is corrupt.
Can you repair it?
Thank you for everything!

purple_Crayons said...

great blog! i'm new around here, but is there any chance of a re-up of this album? the sample song is great.

Quimsy said...

Damn! File removed...

Could I trouble u to upload once more



proghog said...

Can you guys upload again please..??
Looks like a vendetta against you guys... can you put them up on the forum perhaps..??

Anonymous said...

new link:

IR e L a IXI said...

thanks!! cant wait for the listen!! only if they play this stuff on the radio.

IR e L a IXI said...

also i would like to ask if Kimio Mizutani had any album besides path through haze. sweet band posted by cities on flame last year.

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