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Calliope - "Elvirágzik" {Hungary} [2002] (pre-NeoFolk)

Calliope was formed during fall 1996 in Pécs. The band - which was started to play in a quartet formation (cello, voice; guitar; bass and drums) - has played their debut concert at the first Anti-Drug Festival in Pécs. Since then, they play frequently in various clubs and cafeterias.
During late 1997, they have recorded an demo album titled Incognita. The record was published by Crossroads Records, an independent music publishing company.
In fall 1998 Gyula VERES joined the band with his tenor and soprano sax, he is playing an important role in forming the sound of the band, as well as acting in the composition of new pieces.
In summer 1999 the band won the award of the XX. Kaláka Folk Festival, one of the most famous and prestigous international folk events of Europe.
Calliope is tied up mostly with jazz, rock, contemporary and folk music - living and working in Hungary, folk means the melody- and rhythm-rich music of Hungary and the South-Eastern countries to them. While seeking the consonancy of the various elements of style and music, they are concerned in building their own sound and style.

- Péter HUVÖSVÖLGYI - guitars
- Bálint PÁSZTOHY - drums
- Judit BONYÁR - cello, voice
- Tamás MOLNÁR - bass
- Gábor Szucs - dobok
- Gyula Veress - tenor és szopránszaxofon, tapan

- Calliope - Incognita MC. 1998 . CrossRoads Records;
- Calliope - Elvirágzik CD. 2002. Szerzoi kiadás;
- NeoFolk - Demo CD. 2005.;
- NeoFolk - Kezdet CD. 2006. Szerzoi kiadás.

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