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Jack Hammond - "Open The Doors" {USA} [1980]

Early 80's privat-press of high-tension Progressive-Guitar Rock-Fusion... all-instrumental tracks laden w/incredible dense patterns, lines buildin' to intense, mercurial peaks, swarmed w/acidish trapdoors, classical structures transformed outta Fusion brews (one track is a Bach cantata performed on acoustic guitar) ...a Blues that seems to be based on "the same thing" w/sparklin' lead-work, tight drum- 'n bass-jobs! this album may help describe some hidden boundaries that lie in Rock's structures... it may appear as Head-Music at the first "assault" ...but its hipnotic speech sure will cause to 'plode a capsule of extended scope by the time you get reminded of Steve Tibbetts (on "frammis") Loch Ness, Horton and perhaps some crystallized Mad River drops destilled outta Hampton's grease!!! nice, thick card-board-jacket w/ an Allen Ginsberg quotation on the back!

Thanks a lot to osurec :)

Open the Doors

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
is this [very cool] Jack Hammond album meant to be one long [around half an hour] mp3 file? Just wondering if my download cut off and I missed part of the album...

Also, does anyone have a track-listing?


Anonymous said...

hi Chris,
yes, the album is in a track (31 minutes 27 seconds)
I'm sorry, I don't have the tracklisting

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks! I haven't listened to all of it yet, but I've listened to all of A Fatal Beauty - although occasionally a little cheesy, it is chock full of some great music!


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