Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Syncrisis - "Reflections In Musical Power" {Germany} [1981] (Jazz-rock/fusion)

"Here's the extremely rare debut album from this excellent band, who kind of epitomized the huge German jazz-rock wave of the time. Released as a limited private pressing, this is very much a "home made" LP, from the simple cover design right down to where it was recorded, "Syncrisis-Studio", which was presumably located in drummer Uwe Holzwarth's basement or something. In fact, attentive listeners will note that "Bata Mata Moone Taboo" is actually an early version of "Don't Cry! Shout!" from "Sunny Crisis", which gives one the impression that even back then they realized hardly anyone had heard this album. That's too bad, because it's a highly entertaining effort in its own right." Fusionaut

A1 Just a happy time
A2 Kamala
A3 Reflections
a) Wait a minute - a drum solo
b) Katharsis
A4 Daydreams
B1 Bata Mata Moone Taboo
B2 Mata Dalam, for the inside looking man
B3 One Hope
B4 Sweet nights

- Titus Köstler - Guitar
- Edgar Müller - Electric piano and mini-moog synthetizer
- Peter Frodi - Bass
- Uwe Holzwarth - Drums
Special guest:
- Armin Keller - Congas and timbales (A1 and B4)

A3 Reflections
B1 Bata Mata Moone Taboo
B4 Sweet nights

Thanks a lot to Fusionaut :)

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Anonymous said...


icastico said...

The title cracks me up.
I wonder if it sounds better spoken in German.


Anonymous said...

hello!thx this is very great!
Sithlord from Hungary

Gigahertz said...

Listened to Bata Mata, not bad.

FOund your page while checking rankings on my site www.syncrisis.com.

Kpingvin said...

good music!

Hi, Sith. :)

proghog said...

Cheers Froggers..!! Always the best !!

exte82 said...

Thanks, nice album!
I upped one good Estonian album from 1974-76, band is called Mess. Maybe You could post it here if You find it good.
Mess - Kysi Eneselt (Estonia - 1974-76)


Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

hi exte82,

Thank you!



Fusionaut said...

Hi, I just wanted to invite anyone who may be interested in this album to my new blog: http://flightneverending.blogspot.com/

There are other similar albums there, and I hope to have new material up soon, so please come check it out! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

f***ing a, the samples
sound dope, it's da shit.
especially the drums, really sound tasty.

thanks for sharing.

upkerry14 said...

Would not extract the first time. Looks like I am theonly one with a problem so far. Am DLing again. thanks, bill

Danny b Funk said...

I had the same problem. Extract did not work

isabelbc said...

Hello upkerry14 and Danny,

You have 2 options:

- Extract file with this program: http://lix.in/-427a53 (thanks a lot to Antony)

- New link of album: http://lix.in/-4400f4 (thanks a lot to Fusionaut)

Enjoy! :o)

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