Thursday, October 21, 2010

August - "August" {Japan} [1989] (cassette only release)

This is thier first recording.
Mega rare item!
To the fans of Renaissance, Illusion, Vermilion Sands

A1 -「秋」aki (means...autumn) 5:56
A2 -「蛍」hotaru(means ....firefly) 2:27
B1 -「マグリット風の空」Magritte fuu no sora (means...the sky like Magritte painted) 5:06
B2 -「ある手品師の話」aru tejinashi no hanashi (means...the story a magician told) 7:28

工藤美鈴(Vo) Misuzu Kudoh
河合良典(G) Yoshinori Kawai
高田礼人(Kb)Ayato Takada
菅野荘(B)Sou Kanno
小野寺寿勝(Dr) Kotokatsu Onodera ( during 88-89)


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isabelbc said...

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Starfighter said...

A rare thing - thankyou!

Anonymous said...

omg i need this, but the links wont work!!

isabelbc said...

hi Anonymous,
links works very well... :o)

Toque Musical said...

Somente hoje percebi o comentário de vocÊs no blog Toque Musical. Desculpem a minha falha. Já coloquei um link para o excelente Prognotfrog.
A propósito, August is nice, tanks!

k_kase said...

Hello from Japan!
The members of this band are good friends of mine.
They live in the northern city SAPPORO in Japan.
Also the Japanese prog band PROVIDENCE came from the same city.

- k_kase from Japan -

gjprog said...

Thanks for the upload! Very beautiful records :)

Morbus said...

Thanks, but unfortunately all the mirrors are dead. :/

isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

It looks like the links are down.

I have been looking and looking but cannot seem to find it somewhere

Julian Ryan said...

new link on my site in the comments:

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to reupload this? I've been looking everywhere (this band is impossible to find) and just today came across this website.

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