Friday, October 29, 2010

Skyeros - "Skyeros" {USA} [1975] Prog/Psych

Here's an album that's somewhat coveted by collector's of the underground American scene. These guys were from Missouri and released this one rare private press LP before disappearing into total obscurity. It's become quite expensive over the years, probably due to being mentioned in collector books like Acid Archives, the Pokora guides, etc (also, it has a great trippy cover). I'm not so sure the hype is really warranted, but it's definitely not a bad listen. Quite melodic, guitar-fronted prog/psych with a very "rural rock" feel, which was very common for underground US groups at the time. by Fusionaut

01 Daily Dreams
02 Don't Give Me No Alibis
03 Searchin'
04 With Or Without You
05 Homecoming
06 August - Suite In Time

- Steve Wright - bass, vocals
- Bill Sikes - lead guitar
- John Danieley - twin lead
- Rodney McCarron - keyboard, vocals
- Karl Lawson - percussion, vocals

Thanks to Fusionaut :)

August - Suite In Time...

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isabelbc said...

Socrates said...

I love this! Nice drivin rock with some prog influenses.

iban said...

Hello prog not frog. I been following you for a long time now. I added you to my friend list in my obscure psychedelic blog. Is there any chance you could add me to your friend list. And if you like it please follow. Many thanks

Dr Dopo said...

This really is a very enjoyable listen, very excellent rock n roll man!

Anonymous said...

Hi Isabel
Fantastic ! I' ve missed it
Great !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to find this They were great!

Kathryn said...

Hi, imagine my delight when I received a note on facebook from my cousin that he had found this about my brother's band! Bill Sikes is my brother, but I'm sorry to say he passed away several years ago. He was an awesome brother and loved playing music more than food! Bill took his music so seriously. He loved this band and wanted to be heard! He would have loved this.

isabelbc said...

hi Kathryn,

RIP Bill.

yes, we can imagine your delight! and we are very glad too!

would be a pleasure to have you with us on Facebook, join us!

our page:
our group:

our best wishes for you,


Julian Ryan said...

Anonymous said...

John Danieley will be laid to rest tomorrow. He made an impact on a lot of people as a social worker. Many who knew him did not know John the "rocker" heard on this album.

Anonymous said...


Fernando said...

I need a new link to download!
Please please

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