Thursday, October 21, 2010

Varis - "Varis" {Germany} [1979] (jazz rock)

Here's one of the most obscure of the "kraut fusion" LPs from the late 70s, the sole private press album from Varis.
I couldn't found any info on net, line-up is from back cover, more info are welcome

01 - Flink
02 - Ophelia
03 - Ostinato
04 - Moonlight Voice
05 - Superpono
06 - Anno 77
07 - Locus Solus
08 - Ralfi Rock Einmal

- Ralf Pallmann, b, e-b
- Bjorn Gogolf dr
- Karl-Heinz Engelhardt, ta as, fl voc
- Andrey Hiebarolf, g
- Marlin Shaclow e-p

Thanks to Fusionaut :)


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isabelbc said...

Boy Warren said...

Some rare stuff here. Thanks for your generosity.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this


Anonymous said...

Thanks !!!!!

M47 said...

Thanks for sharing this one

Oracus said...

Thanks for this Isabel! Lets see how good this is!

RomanZeus said...

Thanks for your presentations and the greate music

!!! THX THX THX....
100 times over

sTavros (Rome)

AGA said...

Incredible music! In this period of decadence of the music (and not only) I like to think about the incredible possibilty of human beings.
AGA (Italy)
P.S. of course, thank you Isabelbc

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias por la rareza, no sabia ni que existian. Saludos

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Julian Ryan said...

new post of Varis on my blog in the comments

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