Friday, August 24, 2012

Freeport - "duanelessness" (Rec. Nov. 1979, Germany)

It was quite some time ago that the mighty osurec presented us with this little euro-jazz-rock masterpiece headed by pianist Michael Berger (responsible for most of the composition). The others are Michael Sievert and Manni Naumann. At this point all these names should be quite recognizable to the fans of the genre. This was recorded in Nov. 1979 at Atelier Fur Tontechnik, Oyten 1. Still to me is a mystery what the term duanelessness is meant to signify (no indication on the back or anywhere) but in no way does this interfere with enjoyment of this masterpiece of ingenious harmonies and powerful piano originality.

Their next record, the alternating current from a year later, was far more improvised and meandering and to me is a little less interesting. Here I want to present you with perfect audio sound so we can enjoy these musicians in our own living rooms playing for us, 32 years later, as if it is today.

Now in the days to come, look forward to more rare goodies: fusion, folk, library music, straight up rock, and in no time at all our friend master shige will be back from his own August summer break with more treasures to prepare us for the cold of fall and back to prog-school.


Tristan Stefan said...


Anonymous said...

Great great stuff, thank You Tristan!

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks.
Excellent album.


Piblokto said...

Thanks for making this album available - quite a find.

This is a great site with some extremely interesting and enjoyable music that is right up my street but is mostly new to me, thank you all for the work it must take.


I have appreciate with getting lot of good and reliable and legislative information with your post...... Thanks for sharing such kind of nice and wonderful collection recording artist

Anonymous said...

Getting a lot of network errors (download failures) with this one and with Boline. Am I the only one?

Anonymous said...

Tristan SORRY NOT WORK please repost if is

Anonymous said...

Download failures not work
please ripost this lp
Regards from SLOVENIA
Your BLOG is wonderfoul

Tristan Stefan said...

here is reup of freeport duanelessness sorry for the delay

Anonymous said...

Hallo, FileJumbo and DepositFiles don't work...

Any chance to re-up?

Thank you, Mario

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