Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hans Reffert and Sanfte Liebe (1987)

It's no secret I love Hans Reffert, who played in Flute and Voice, Zauberfinger, and Guru Guru. He also did numerous other side projects, and is active in arts (visual arts). Today he still plays electric guitar for Guru Guru. This is an EP in length, played at 45 speed, sadly too short. However, it totally brings back the craziness of Zauberfinger, with strange, odd sounds with a countryish-new wave vibe at times, well-written and always interesting.
I am back from holidays in August with many more goodies for everyone, including lots of that european jazz-rock I love so dearly, I will be re-recording the Freeport album posted about a year ago in a lossless format, so stay tuned for that gem. Getting back to work here will be slow of course, after vacations, this crazy blogging business can be pretty tedious.
And what an incredible cover, isn't it? This attracted me initially to the record.


Tristan Stefan said...
this is the wave, mp3 up soon

Tristan Stefan said...

this is the mp3

wildbrush said...

Hi T.S., found today here a recording from Hans Reffert which I was abolutely not aware of! Unfortunately the link does run dry .... Any chance for upping it again? Thanks in advance ... ProgOn

Anonymous said...

Another FileJumbo dead link.

Please, it is possible to re-up?

Thank you, Mario - Genova

ThE cX MaN said...

Hallo Tristan!

Can you reupload this?
The Jumbofile Links are dead
Thanks for your work!


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