Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Robert Viger et Vladimir Cosma - Protocole, Industrie et Paysage 1972 (Musique pour l'image No.40)

Look at the absolutely astonishing cover collage a la Max Ernst! It's unusual to see a library record with such a beautiful cover-- often it is merely generic. As promised here is some more Robert Viger, alternating on this record with the great french soundtrack composer Vladimir Cosma. Orchestra under the direction of Cosma. This is modern orchestral music with hints of Ravel, Strav, etc.
It's interesting how each song introduces a qualitative description after it to explain the mood of the piece.
As might be expected Side 1 features more classical or baroque, majestic pieces, while Side 2 is a little more experimental or modern. A big standout for me is the A6 track though with its funereal and atrabilious disposition.

At the Climats comments I uploaded back cover of that record.


Tristan Stefan said...


litlgrey said...

Dang! I actually didn't have this one! Thank ya!

[(Sub)] said...

Thanks Tristan!

fslmy said...


Tristan Stefan said...

another one you didn't have? what a surprise

Mr. Banstead said...

Excellent album.Thanks!

John Hilton said...

Thanks so much. Ticks my boxes!

ivan said...

hi Tristan, would it be possible to re-up this great record (the .wav version)
thanks in advance !

ivan said...

Hi Tristan,
would it be possible to re-up this album (the .wav version) , link is dead
thanks in advance !

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