Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pit Budde - Der Puma zieht nach Norden (GERM, 1983) [and Scope II]

This man with the odd name was a guitarist for the German band Cochise, which made many albums of mediocre ethnic-folky music that were very difficult (for me) to wade through.  These passed with hardly a notice or song snippet worth remembering.   Therefore it was a huge shock when this album turned out to be exceptionally beautiful folk, one of the most perfectly crafted chamber-folk albums I've heard in the last year along with the Larynx I put up some time back.  Credit again to Sebastian at the growing bin for 'discovering' this album, or at least for me noticing it in that venue.  He did another album before this.  It sounds very similar to Emma Myldenberger or the astonishing chamber-folk outfit Radio Noisz Ensemble, known to all those who love prog, which was the same band essentially.

A masterpiece of perfectly and gorgeously played acoustic guitar, all instrumental -- playing at the highest level of accomplishment, mastery, and beauty, with additional colour provided by oboes, flutes, etc.  Use of the oboe in particular always imparts a plaintive sound to everything around.  One of the best in the style of as shige calls it 'healing guitar' music...

As bonus I have a wonderful re-rip of the Scope II album requested at the Scope I post last week, all credit to the magnificent multi-linguist Mr. Morgan for this.  Don't forget to thank him for the efforts of purchasing the record and ripping it for us all. 

[This album, being one of the best acoustic guitar albums I've heard in the last year, will serve as a great introduction to the announcement I will make soon.  The one that, you know, is supposed to be really shocking.  Except it won't be, because I built it up way too much.]


Anonymous said...

What's the password to extract Scope II? Thanks.

apf said...

Thank you so much Tristan and Mr. Morgan for making the Scope II available.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
BTW, you are making me very curious about your new announcement, are you getting married? ;-)

progger said...

Thank you for every each gems.

BTW what is the password for SCOPE II ?

Anonymous said...

i thank everybody who's involved in or with pnf, would be nice to see isabelbc back here

Anonymous said...

Scope II lossless needs a pw

Tristan Stefan said...

I will reupload scope II sorry about that

Tristan Stefan said...

lossless (limited time available)

Tristan Stefan said...

Sorry about the earlier mistake caused by a personal file transfer

DPP said...

Thank you for sharing Scope II

MrMorgan said...

Pid Budde: Der Puma - fantastic. Thanks a lot Tristan Stefan!

Anonymous said...

Pit Budde - lovely. The first track had me a bit worried, but gets much better from there on ;-) Thanks!
Also thanks for the first Scope album, very good jazz rock.

Julian Ryan said...

I reupped scope II on my blog:

Kaleidoscope Gaze said...

Hello! Can you please re-uplaod it? I've been looking for this like forever! Thanks in advance

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