Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walkie-Talkies - Surveillance (UK, 1980) [REUP]

I know this was requested a few times, so I'll repost it here and in the original from Feb. 2012.
I gotta say I really loved this record, done in that smooth british pop-prog style only they could do, there is enough progressiveness here to make me happy, enough approachability to make it listenable in decent company.  There is involvement from some famous Canterbury players as I mentioned particularly the awesome signer Amanda Parsons (who I could fall in love with for her voice alone).

"Rob Spensley, a rock solid bassist, and Dave Fuller, an acoustic guitarist who succeeds in sounding power-assisted, gather around them a number of distinguished hired hands to produce music that touches several bases. Along the way you get high-flyin' harmonies, spacey synth sounds, healthy dollops of jazz and even a smattering of Police style reggae, performed to a high standard. Even so it's unlikely to get within sniffing distance of the charts. Are all the groups from Guernsey as confusing as this ?"
One last comment, I'll sometimes post wav files as in this case, please use any free program such as xrecode or cdex if you want to convert back into mp3, for ex. those who use mostly ipods to listen to music like myself really can't for practical reasons listen to lossless files, only mp3s.  On the other hand it's of course better to store the lossless somewhere so you don't have to listen to any inferior quality musical rip job.


Tristan Stefan said...

Side 1 (wav):
Side 2 up shortly

Tristan Stefan said...

jba63477 said...

Fantastic.Love this.

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