Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rarest German Symphonic Masterpiece PART ONE: Lacrima (GERM, 1981)

What a cover drawing!  On the left a clown is about to hang himself, on the right a huge ?chrysalis is hanging from the bare tree, but why are the two line-figures running towards it?  Others might see something else here, I would love to hear some interpretations.  I've said it before, the covers are always worth seeing on these old records, these artists cared so much about their presentation package, not just the music.

In style this is 'typical' German symphonic prog with some acoustic bases, I think everyone know what this means, I'm not going to insult you with examples or explanations.  And note there is a part 2 coming for those who love this style!  I made a mistake yesterday in calling it 'seventies symphonic' of course this is from the early eighties, though the style is definitely the seventies style I think you'll agree.

Of course this is from the Berlin stash or perhaps I should call it, my BC -- Berlin Connection -- in a nod to the cdrwl-- which you may have noticed is also updating at a frantic pace.  So the fall will prove a bonanza for the rare prog rock fan.

I've spent many hours listening to trash to try to bring you the best of what I've heard.  The next 2 albums will be stuff I've resurrected from Tom's cdrwl which I felt he unfairly maligned in his posts from last year, you can be the judges and juries for these (as well as the executioners for Tom).  They at first were hard to like but over the course of the year I found I listened to them more and more and enjoyed them more and more, this is why I will present them to you.  That kind of album: initially perhaps disappointing, but give it time, they turn out to be full of interesting intricacies.  So without a doubt I call them personal "priority 2's"!

With regards to reup requests, please make requests at the latest or second latest post since I don't read the old posts or comments at all.  (Comment moderation as explained a few times before is done by the blog owner, or by isabelbc when she was here, not by me, I'm not responsible for not publishing offensive insulting comments, although I agree they should probably be left off so as not to encourage misbehaviour or fighting.)

Sample track, A2 Regen:


Tristan Stefan said...

James Manion said...

Tristan, I'm not going to assume that you have these but I am looking for two Matthias Frey albums SANDHYA & INVERSION. I don't have software for torrents or WAVEPAC so I am looking for mp3 or Flac any help would be greatly appreciated. If you hadn't posted ONYX I would not have discoverd these so thank you for my current frustration.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

A lossless rip of the album "Sandhya" (1981) has been already posted on the blog "All That Music":
The download link is the "more..." at the end of the post.

Although the audio of "Inversion" (1983) has not been posted, you can download the audio of the album off Youtube:

As a bonus, two albums Frey released in 2005 have been posted in FLAC at another blog:



Tristan Stefan said...

Frey - Sandhya
Frey - Inversion
Frey - Ohrjazzter [bonus]

Anonymous said...

terrific gem, like Lacrima very much ! thanks for that one

James Manion said...

Wow I'm blown away, thank you Tristan for your generosity my frustration has subsided.

Anonymous said...

Dude, awesome album. Do you not see the woman's face that takes up the majority of the picture?

el gusano progresivo said...

muy bueno!!!

Helmut Harnisch said...
this file has been deleted due to inactivity - can you reupp?

A nA said...

Please reup this gem!
Thank you for your work

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