Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Quartet Music - ST (1981)

This is their first LP, I posted the other two last year.  As is so often the case in these situations this first installment is the best and features the most ingenious compositions.  In particular, the classical music influence comes through very strong and clear.  These guys are very similar to Oregon and Ralph Towner as I mentioned earlier.

Over the years I've listened to this album hundreds of times and last night, listening again, I still found endless beauty and forms most magnificent as Darwin could have said.



Tristan Stefan said...

Quartet Music ST
Quartet Music Window:
Quartet Music Ocean Park:

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for Quartet Music - ST (1981) .
I'm so grateful for listening for first time.
I had been searching from 1985 or 1986 for this album.
Then I was informed from Down Beat magazine.


Anonymous said...

isabelbc, could you upload these two albums from your youtube channel:



poul said...

Great, great !!! It´s now in my personal hall of fame... in my dreams and thoughts is a wish that you have some music from the beautiful russian Jazz Band " Boomerang"... I have Mirage from them and love their music, for me is the russian music scene a new land... hope you have Tristan... and thanks for all the forgotten pearls that you bring us
best wishes and greetings to your wife !!! Poul

Anonymous said...

thanks for the quartet music. could someone please provide a rip of the (related) nels cline & eric von essen elegies lp? thank you!

Tristan Stefan said...

wow! I wish I would get more recommendations like that, I didn't know about that album, that will be one to find for sure

sw said...

Please consider reposting the files in lossless format. Thank you!

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