Friday, October 04, 2013

Rarest German Symphonic Rarity PART TWO: Audite (1983)

This was featured on Tom's list here:

First let's see what Tom had to say:

" Today we start a new series of obscure early 80s German progressive and fusion albums. We have 5 to report on that have arrived via various sources recently. Today's post is courtesy of Midwest Mike and is probably the rarest and most sought after of the bunch.

Audite is a vocal heavy German language album, with a clear affinity for the classic 70s progressive rock sound. Sophisticated arrangements are apparent, and the electric guitar work in particular is exemplary. Synthesizers and even a little flute propel Audite to interesting status. No getting away from the canned early 80s production though. I was most reminded of Anabis' "Wer Will?" album though Anyone's Daughter "Piktors Verwandlungen" also sprang to mind. A good one for aficionados of the 80s German symphonic sound, though a bit of a slog for those looking for more dynamic instrumental input." 

It was a priority none, a devastating assessment, guaranteed to cause it to languish in obscurity-- until now.  I actually think it's excellent in the chosen style of 'seventies symphonic'. And as he said, it's rare as hell.


Tristan Stefan said...


Note these recent reups, many thanks to urso for help:
Zebulon here:
Igor Nazaruk, 1982 - Koljada. Carpathian's New Year [LP]!h0wSyYDQ!K5l-ixGS4HITOrRNf6bJpXiIroxFlu_tT9TEf0eEEg8
Noco Music - Saxophones et Percussions (France, 1983)
Noco Music, 1987 - Noco Music [LP]
KOM & Agit Prop, 1977 - Väinämöisen soitto [LP]!s5cAlb6b!N32kWA4ikkmUCFzs72Iri1-p9TRBPriyn7fjNJLyk7U
Nazaruk Forest Awakens:
Clarke Quintet Stratusphunk:
Pierre Moreau Attentif REUP:

I was surprised to see that although only one person requests a reup, about 50-100 people have downloaded it after a couple of days, showing there is a real need still for these older postings. So it's not just for the benefit of one anon when you do these reuploads.

michael said...

thanks for your hard work, your knowledge and information .

apps79 said...

this is an inredible post or what???!!!many thanks buddy!

Tristan Stefan said...

no problem bro

poul said...

Thanks for your work, Tristan, great stuff and Igor Nazaruk blows me away ;) ....I´m searching for the album Bakmak ‎– Out Of The Blue can you help me ?? and another Question, please can you reup the Quartet Music albums... be well

Tristan Stefan said...

Russian composers are never disappointing, the musical genius of these people is astounding

Tristan Stefan said...
bakmak out of the blue

Anonymous said...

thx for audite - never heard from then. good music und good work

greets from northern germany

sosgotcha said...

Hello, it' s a good and refined work that I find it looks like to great band Neuschwanschtein from the same country !
Thank you very much for this !

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