Thursday, October 16, 2014

God Bless "Cermin" (1980,progressive HR ,Indonesia )

God Bless "Cermin" (1980,progressive HR ,Indonesia )

God Bless is an Indonesian legendary HR band that has released 6 albums to this date.
Unfortunately ,only this 2nd album "Cermin" never released as CD in spite of the best album of their 6 albums.
That's why the master tape can not be used anymore because of the broken condition.

Yockie Suryoprayogo (key) played in almost of their albums ,but about "Cermin" Abadi Soesman (ex- Guruh Gipsy) played on all the tracks ,and he blew his a lot of jazzy and progressive feelings  into the album,so we prog lovers can accept it  as one of the Indonesian prog masterpieces ...
Abadi has rejoined God Bless as a regular member since 2002 after withdrawing from the band in 1980 (?).





Shige said...

WAV & mp3 the same link (ripped from the legit cassette tape )

carmen7 said...

great post mr Shige! please more indonesian bands..

Julian Ryan said...
I posted another big wishlist item today... enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Thanks... but please don't combine files like that! I only need the mp3 and now I find I'm downloading a file over 500mb in size, which will take a while a possibly not finish on the network I'm on.

Anonymous said...

Great album, many thanks!
To the ungrateful Anon, no-one is forcing you to d/l anything.
Take it or leave it, but don't whine when someone is generous enough to rip, upload & share.
Most of us appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

From The Original CD:

Anonymous said...

Another Indonesian band called Abbhama in 1978, from the CD:

Anonymous said...

Compilation consist of Final sessionfrom Indonesian Rock Competition 1989

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