Friday, October 24, 2014

Guruh Gipsy (1977,prog,Indonesia )

Guruh Gipsy (1977,prog,Indonesia )

Second upload followed by nahavanda  in 2006  here

The album was recorded  twice .......First recording was July 1975 - February 1976, and the second rekoding was May 1976 - June 1976  (total 200 times dubbing).  The progressive rock GEM in Indonesia. combining elements of Western and Bali music.

  • This albums was selected as best Indonesian albums 150 in 2007 (as No 2 rate )

This is once vinyl reissued  by Shadoks in 2006,but  it is not a legit one......from a cassette rip....
Guruh Gipsy is always (LOL) scheduled to be reissued  in Indonesia,but always (LOL) failed until today because of the problems of copyright ......
Hope it will be reissued as CD as soon as possible  in the near future  because it is a real GEM  for us  progheads ....

B-4 is a bonus track,and it is no relation with Guruh Gipsy ?
Some one knows about the bonus track ?


BTW,the other day(in August ?) ,Guruh Gipsy's tribute album was released in Indonesia (2 CD set).
Rick Wakeman performed in the album.
The following is the PV about the tribute album..(Rick is also watched for a moment...)


Shige said...

WAV+mp3 in the same link ....ripped from the legit cassette.

Ruben Chandler said...

saw them in jakarta years ago! great band. great post. abientot

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Anonymous said...

do you have Dancin' in the Autumn Breeze by the Jensen Sisters?

Shige said...

>>>do you have Dancin' in the Autumn Breeze by the Jensen Sisters?

No ,I don't,unfortunately ...

Anonymous said...

Information about the bonus song is on the inside part of the cassette cover. The transalation is: B.4. Sekar Ginotan (Bonus song) (= sekar gendotan = segara winotan = sea of joy (?)
A traditional balinese song, an example of gamelan (traditional balinese music instruments) in semara pegulingan pelegongan style, which its chords were used in Chopin Larung, and some of its melody were picked up for Geger Gelgel in sinom (intro) part.
You're right, this song was not arranged by Guruh Gypsy; this was performed by a local traditional balinese music group
Oh, I would like to add some more: Guruh Gipsy was a collaboration between Guruh Sukarno Putra & Gipsy Band. Guruh is a son of 1st Indonesia President Sukarno, & his elder sister was 5th Indonesia President Megawati Sukarno Putri. All songs in this album were made by Guruh. The Gipsy Band was a bunch of talented young men in music who lived in Menteng, Jakarta; known as a district for high class people.
I hope this information was not too late. At least, thank you that you've upload some prog rock from Indonesia

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