Sunday, October 07, 2007

Maphia - "Hans im Glück" {Germany} [1978] (krautrock)

We are in a good syncronization with Serhiy to select albums from same countries :) The album i am posting now is also new to me. Not more than a week, i met with one of faithful pnf visitor friend (strmshadow), and i was amazed with his vinyl rips, collections. For a long time i wanted to hear a good quite uncommon krautrock, and my medicine came. Maphia; Maphia is an obscure krautrock band from seventies, especially i like somesongs on it. For the friends who would like to listen some cute krautrock album, may try this one. I looked for some information for the band at net, but couldnt successful. So any information welcome.

Mary Smith..

My thanks goes to strmshdw :)


nahavanda said...


Anonymous said...

Never heard of them. Thanks!

ZaXXoN said...

Your post related to Burma is really good. I know a Burmese who now lives and works in Singapore (for 2 years I know him). And he had told me 2 years ago about the situation there.
The Buddhist monks are prominent also in Tibet which if you know the story of Kundun (1997) is one of my favourite movies.
Free Tibet could also be a call for us on here.

ZaXXoN said...

For the erm 'slightly' more adventurous try this link =

Bear in mind that Mary Tamm (original Romana was replaced eventually by the lovely Lalla Ward. Both actresses are incredibly beautiful and talented.

This may not have a lot to do with the current theme of Burmese and Tibetan rights, but sometimes I think remnant Drama can relate to current True Life.

Love Above Gold.

Johnny Roberts said...

hehehe..where the hell did you get this record ?...loool....

Roderick Verden said...

Thanks for Maphia.
Download is very quick.

Farlac said...

a well known collector from Italy once touted this album as a unknown monster krautrock album. After paying some money to have it shipped from Germany I found that it was a complete turd ;)

Anonymous said...

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aram said...

Dead link.

Anonymous said...

I have the follow information about Maphia:

Hans-Georg Schmidt (guitars, vocals), Hans-Joachim Gunske (vocals, percussion, accordion), Hans Werner Niemann (keyboards), Thomas Hans Bauer (drums, percussion), Hans Werner Otto Hatje (banjo, flute, guitar), Jürgen Hans Rau (bass, 12-string guitar, vocals)

Mädchen, Ich Bin So Völlig Pleite / Mary Smith / Du Willst Mit Mir Geh'n / Da Wo Kein Wind Weht / Der Wolf Ist Tot / Ich Brauch' Mein Glas Branntwein / Einmal Muß Es Sein / Zwei Cowboys / Zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen / Hans Im Glück

LP Alco ALC 80541 (1974)

This information I found in "THE CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG"

Old McMetal said...

Just listening to Maphia. Well, Krautrock? Average german rock music in the tradition of former GDR bands like Puhdys or Karat in connection with lyrics dealing with the every day trouble one can face. No money, no alcohol, and so on. If you have the chance listening to this record and your knowledge about german language is quite good,don`t take the lyrics to serious. All in all, another band from the 70ties you musn`t care about.

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