Monday, October 08, 2007

Musica d'Repuesto - "Av Abuc" {Cuba} [1993] (avant rock)

This is a mostly instrumental album of rather unusual and innovative avant-garde rock music originating, surprisingly, from early 90s Cuba. This one took me by surprise completely, as it was completely out of line with what I knew about the progressive scene of Latin America. 'Av Abuc' is a hardly describable brew of progressive rock, electronics, and chamber music. The closest matches I can possibly name are, on the one hand, the French band '000' (who explored the terrain of restless 'crimsonicity' superimposed on the dense background of electronic beats and haunting synth chords), and, on the other hand, the Russian band 'Horizont' (who successfully blended progressive symphonic rock and edgy RIO-styled avant-garde). Despite its utter weirdness and complexity, the music by Musica d'Repuesto is not particularly challenging. It is composed thoughtfully, performed lively and brightly, and does not yield a bit of itself to atonal and unstructured experimentation. Overall, I hold a very high opinion of this album, and I strongly recommend it to fans of unconventional rock music.


Lino - keyboards, bass, drums
Landy - guitars, keyboards
Pedro Pablo - cellos, keyboards


1. Parche 4:17
2. La Cabeza, cto + roja, + verda la jaqueca 1:37
3. La tristeza es una enfermedad d'transmision sexual 6:57
4. D'cada 10 hombres q' miran TV, 5 son la 1/2 5:34
5. Suite #3 7:07
6. Hierba maia 6:00
7. Anunciacion y danza d' los cordoros 6:32
8. Baile d' payasos 5:53
9. Av abuC 1:23
10. El involucrado (bonus) 7:32

The link is to be found in the comments.


Serhiy said...

The link:

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks!

nukebass said...

A friend of mine who has this album, told me that it sounds like KC from their intermediate period (Wetton-Cross-Bruford)

Serhiy said...

That is true, some parts of this album resemble mid-70s KC a lot. It is also true that many other parts if it don't remind of KC even distantly :-).

jd said...

Is it really just one big MP3 file? That's what is downloading now...

Serhiy said...

That's right, 1 big file.

chevito said...

Ah...I wanted to listen, but the link it is not available...I couldn't find it anywhere else.. I would appreciate a lot if I could download it...thanks! :)

isabelbc said...

hi Chevito,

try here

Isabel :)

chevito said...

Thanks Isabel! :D Have a good day!

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