Monday, October 01, 2007

Metanomia - "Un Punto En El Universo" {Argentina} (prog) (exclusive for pnf!)

Here is Metanomia, a colorful prog band from Argentina. There waits you, good musicianship and hiperactivity on the album. That guyz make me happy to give me a chance to introduce this album to you. Especially for the friends who like to listen new sound of prog will enjoy this album more. for some songs at the album, i like to listen over and over.

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Sentir Pasar..

enjoy! :)


nahavanda said...


Neal said...

Excellent! Thanks for the effort, it's very much appreciated and so nice to see a new band promoting their music democratically.

Anonymous said...


brownie said...

thanxs! i didnt know this band (im from arg) and its always nice to discover local thing.
thanxs a lot

Anonymous said...

Metanomia is VERY GOOD!

Thank you!

Rajazz said...

Teşekkürler.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! You can make a review here:

aram said...

dead link.

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