Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nekropolis - "Live" {Germany} [1983] (avant / kraut)

Nekropolis was an outfit of changing line-up spearheaded by Peter Frohmader, an artist, a composer, and a notable figure at the German electronic and experimental scene. Nekropolis started in mid-70s as a kraut-rock band, and moved towards more adventurous kinds of music by the beginning of 1980s. This live record is a good display of what the band evolved into by the 1983. Sparcely arranged for guitar, bass, drums and tape effects, with occasional violin addition and bizzare voiceovers, the music ranges from improvisational, heavy and angular spacy kraut-rock to sheer sonic experimentation to harsh jazz fusion with occasional zeuhlish touches. Lovers of kraut, experimental rock, as well as some fans of Magma may enjoy this one.


1. Hölle im Angesicht 3:45
2. Tekeli-Li 6:34
3. Neutronen-Symphonie 7:33
4. Knochenmark I 2:18
5. Knochenmark II 5:46
6. Kleine Aster 6:40
7. Psychofarm 3:08
8. Seuchenschatz 3:02
9. Vorstadt im Föhn (bonus) 11:11
10. Tote Stadt (bonus) 9:12


The link is to be found in the comments.


Serhiy said...

The link:

Mercenario said...

This album is wonderful. I've discovered the magic world of blogs months ago, searching for Frohmader albums, which are junavailable on emule. I want to thank you so're something nearly agod to me, 'cos this album was a fixation for me.
Now, a little request: could you post Nekropolis 1 & 2 albums ? They're lost gem, i've been searching for them since 1995 and they bocome d my Sacred Grail...

brownie said...

thanxs a lot! nice music

Έσάρ Σέβεντιουάν said...

Thank you so much for this obscure live record!

Mercenario, you can request these records in request section of the forum. Good luck

Serhiy said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'd be happy to post Nekropolis 2 some time next week.

Mercenario said...

For Έσάρ Σέβεντιουάν: sorry, I'm a newby in the world of blogs, I didn't know yet about a request section, I think I'm going to use that stuff lots of times!
For serhiy: The Crimson God bless you, man ! Thank you so much, if there's some obscure record you'd like to hear, tell me and I'm gonna search my archives and the seven seas to find some stuff you may like!
A Southern man like me is always grateful !!!

Anonymous said...

cool post!, thanks so much!. Hi Mercenario, there a quite a lot of early frohmader and nekropolis lps available over at mutantsounds!, here's the link:

Good luck and enjoy!

Serhiy said...

Well, although I try to check the blog-web for different instances of what I'm about to share, the indicated megapost at Mutant Sounds somehow escaped my attention. All Frohmader's good stuff (except for the Vol. 23 album) that I know of is there, including Nekropolis 2 requested by our friend Mercenario. I don't think there's a need to double-post it here. That would only make sense if the link from Mutant Sounds is dead or has a problem. Mercenario, please let me know if you have any difficulties with what is posted @MS, and, if so, I'll post Nekropolis 2 here as promised.

Mercenario said...

To Serhiy: you're a very very kind guy, man!
Your approach to this site and your attitude answering my request made me think that the world of blogs may really be a new frontier in human relationships.
I was a communications and semiotics student, now I'm working in the field of marketing and promotions, and I got alway my eyes analyzing languages and new kind of communities, so I can say I'm grateful to you.
Anyway, I'm downloading Frohmader stuff from Mutant Sounds, so you can avoid to repost it.
Finally, I'd like to be useful as you, so I'd like to know if I can upload some stoff you'd like, and that's for everyone.
Have a nice addiction in music, that's the best drug in the universe!

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