Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Flow - "Incubation" {Greece} (Space Rock) Exclusive!

The 'Flow' is a progressive/psychedelic/space rock band from Patras, Greece. They were formed in 2000 and since then, they have released one album called 'Incubation' (released in 2003) and have played many concerts in Greece. Their style revolves around 60's krautrock and progressive rock of the 70's. Some of their influences are Gong, Ashra Temple, Can, Agitation free, Van Der Graaf Generator and many more. Furthermore they blend traditional folk Greek melodies played by original traditional Greek instruments such as 'daouli' (a kind of drum) and the 'flute of Pana' (ancient Greek flute). They also love blending the old sound (vintage synths) with the modern one (laptop).

If you want to learn more about the band please visit their site at myspace:

01 Flow
02 Touch of Frost (Parts I & II)
03 Morning Bliss
04 Cancer
05 Emerald Sea
06 Watching the Sunset
07 Pissing in the Lake of Tears
08 Reflecting Love
09 Paradox
10 Mushroom's Dream
11 Spacestation 61
12 A Simple Day in Life

- Thanos Economopoulos (laptop, synths)
- Akis MBousias (guitar)
- Yiannis Stathopoulos (bass)
- Vaggelis Tsimblakis (drums)
- Thanasis Nikolakopoulos (vocals)
- Katerina Nikolakopoulou (backing vocals)

08 Reflecting Love
09 Paradox

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thanks. great music!

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Great album Thanks also great site :-)

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One of the greatest psychedelic bands of Greece

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