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Giant Step - "Kukuh Nan Teguh" {Indonesia} [1977]

01. Kukuh Nan Teguh (5:44)
02. Hampa (4:27)
03. Mekar (5:48)
04. Untaian Warna (3:48)
05. Dialog Tanya (4:04)
06. Manusia (4:57)
07. Yang T'lah Lalu (4:38)
08. Dialog Jawab (2:33)
09. Perih (4:13)
10. Alam Bebas (4:42)
11. Senandung Malam (3:04)

• Benny Soebardja (vocals, guitar) - middle right
• Adhy Sibolangit (bass) - back
• Haddy Arief (drums) - middle left
• Triawan (keyboards) - front
• Albert Warnerin (guitar) - middle

Where are they now (the facts) :
• Triawan Munaf - owner of one of the biggest advertising agency/mass communication in Indonesia, father-producer-manager of his own daughter Indonesian talented young singer, Sherrina.
• Albert Warnerin - running his own business.
• Haddy Arief - executive banker.
• Benny Soebardja - running his own furniture and interior design business.
• Adhy Sibolangit - unknown

03. Mekar
10. Alam Bebas

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You might find this piece on Prog Rock really interesting. It's by Dan Cadwallader and features in Fallyrag - the creative journal

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