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Giant Step - "On The Move!" {Indonesia} [1976] (prog rock)

One of legendary Indonesian progressive rock acts of the 70's, their music showed influences of the greats of prog rock, but still managed to deliver originality. They started in early 70's, went through a series of line-up changes with the "keepers of the flame" being Benny Soebardja and Albert Warnerin, and managed to release several albums before finally breaking up in 1986. Their best prog albums (as recommended by Denny Sakrie of M97FM) are Giant On The Move (produced by Nova Record Bandung), Kukuh Nan Teguh (Nova Record Bandung), and Persada Tercinta (Irama Tara Record).

01. Farewell Today (6:52)
02. Giant On The Move (6:56)
03. Liar (5:52)
04. A Fortunate Paradise (4:45)
05. Allusion Way (5:09)
06. Decisions (7:16)
07. Waste Time (8:02)
08. So Long (4:53)
09. Air Pollution (8:04)

• Benny Soebardja (vocals, guitar)
• Adhy Sibolangit (bass)
• Haddy Arief (drums)
• Triawan (keyboards)
• Albert Warnerin (guitar)

02. Giant On The Move
04. A Fortunate Paradise

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space88 said...

Intressting good Album.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello Munju,

Read a request left on Redtelephone66, back in April for Madrigal by Antonio. I may be able to help out. Drop by & leave a comment if you are still interested my man.



Hulk said...

Hi my friend!
Yes i'm interest!
Many thanks!

chuntao said...


Good of you to get back to me. I will post it real soon - an early xmas present :] And if you read any of my comments on my blog for requests, when I say soon it normally means really fast. Oki doki.


I will also add you to my list also to make it easier for my readers to find you. Thanks again.

chuntao said...

Hello Anthony,

I am about to post the very rare Madrigal album. Well I have it in draft at the moment. Since Xmas is about giving & receiving - could you give me a link back & I will dedicate the post to you. I will also look out for other albums on your wishlist.

Happy holidays


Thank you.

Hulk said...

Hello Chuntao!
You have albums you wish to send you?
Tell me about.

chuntao said...

Hi Anthony,

I have posted "Madrigal" " Sunshine & Baked Beans" that you requested many months ago on redtelephone66 - yes. I have dedicated post to you & have added you to my links also.

I hope this meets your approval and thank you for letting me track this rarity down for you.

Happy holidays Antony :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for Giant On The Move! I had been curious about Giant Step, and this is awesome and a lot better than I suspected it would be.


chuntao said...


Chuntao here over at

Did you get the Madrigal album I posted for you ? Or manage to get round to reading my last comments ? Is there any point in posting another Madrigal album or keeping your link ?


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No longer available at:


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hi Troy,



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any chance of tutemachine (or anybody) to reup night train and gut rock by benny soebardja?

isabelbc said...

Night Train >>>

isabelbc said...

Gimme A Piece Of Gut Rock >>>

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Thanks're my savior

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great blog .......... !!!

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