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Moğollar - "Moğollar" {Turkey} [1976]

Extremely compelling work from the Turkish scene of the early 70s -- music that fuses rock and folk roots, and which makes heavy use of the Turkish baglama -- an instrument with strong sitar-like qualities! Most of the tunes here are instrumentals that lay the baglama solos out over heavier rhythms -- in a driving sound that's certainly got roots in folk, but which comes off with more of a rock-like intensity. There's a bit of fuzz on some of the instrumentation, but we can't tell for sure how much electricity was used by the band -- and although the English language notes on the CD do a great job of laying out the group's history and recordings, we wish they'd give a bit more specifics on that front! CD features a fair number of bonus tracks, including key recordings done by Mogollar in Paris -- and titles include "Ozum Kaldi", "Misket", "Behind The Dark", "Hicaz Mandira", "Yine Bir Gulnihal", "Senhaz Longa", "Hitchin", "Dag Ve Cocuk", and "Garip Coban". © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.


01 - Katip Arzulahim Yaz Yare Boyle
02 - Bahçelere Geldi Bahar
03 - Hicaz Mandira
04 - Uskudara Giderken
05 - Karsiki Yayla
06 - Yine Bir Gulnihal
07 - Sehnaz Longa
08 - Drama Koprüsü-Bolu Beyi
09 - Canakkale Içinde Aynali Carsi
10 - Misket
11 - Özum Kaldi
12 - Behind the dark
13 - Hali‡te gnesin batisi (1970) single version
14 - Hitchin
15 - Berkay oyun havasi
16 - Ternek
17 - Yalnizlgin acikli gldrs
18 - Dag ve ‡ocuk
19 - Garip ‡oban

08 - Drama Koprüsü
09 - Canakkale Içinde

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I only needed to hear 3 seconds of Drama Koprüsü before realizing this was for me. Thank you!

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I've got a few other things by this band (and member Cem Karaca solo) and almost everything is great. Looking forward to this one...


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