Thursday, February 12, 2009

Syncrisis - "Sunny Crisis" {Germany} [1982] (prog/fusion)

This album is so new for me, during the day i amazed myself listening over and over again.. it says; "top archive copy of extremely rare German private pressing from 1982 in laminated full colour cover by excellent progressive krautjazzrock quartet around guitar crack Titus Köstler - highly recommended to friends of European 70s fusion. this band could be called a krautish counterpart to Return to forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra in their early days. including heavy fuzz guitar, played as fast as Al Dieola or John Mclaughlin, but with more soul and feeling. all in all a typical German underground production with that fascinating krautrock groove and flair by very professional, but totally unknown musicians - a killer!!!" taken from coloured rain A hidden treasure! What a coverart! ;)

SuNNy CrisiS..

Our thanks goes to osurec for the rip!!


nahavanda said...

Betelgeuse said...

Hi naha! nice to see you back again! how are you???sorry for my long absence on slk (problem with my internet connection... :( ) i hope everything goes fine!
btw nice post (also great mariner! i love japanes music!)
thank you again, my friend!

El Remero said...

Very nice! Any chance of a track listing?

Anonymous said...

01. Aperman's Jungle Dance (3:46)
02. Groovin' to Mr. L. (6:07)
03. Olé Mc (4:18)
04. A Taste of Happiness (4:13)
05. Nostromo (3:18)
06. Darbangha (5:19)
07. Reflections in your eyes (4:18)
08. Droppin'-Out-Intermezzo (1:24)
09. Red Baron (Billy Cobham) (4:27)
10. Out of Mind (2:26)

- Titus Köstler - guitar
- Edgar Müller - e-piano, grand piano, clavinet, mini-moog, church organ
- Peter Frodi - e-bass
- Uwe Holzwarth - drums. druns-synthetizer and percussion
Special guest:
- Armin Keller - congas and timbales (on track 08)

from: ProgNotFrog Forum
Thanks to PHS_BR for the covers ;)

nahavanda said...

Miso hi! glad to see you too, i am goes good..well i try to be around more often. slsk is all ok, many new friends in room. hope you fix connection soon. i am glad you enjoyed mariner. many greetings!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo prognotfrog!
You had uploaded some greek rare singles before some months before including the single of kastores from the disk swirling echoes. If you can, upload all the songs of that disk. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

the correct tracklist:

01. Aperman's Jungle Dance (3:46)
02. Groovin' to Mr. L. (6:07)
03. Olé Mc (4:18)
04. Don't Cry, Shout! (4:05)
05. A Taste of Happiness (4:13)
06. Nostromo (3:18)
07. Darbangha (5:19)
08. Reflections in your eyes (4:18)
09. Droppin'-Out-Intermezzo (1:24)
10. Red Baron (Billy Cobham) (4:27)
11. Out of Mind (2:26)


Paulo Chaves
from Brazil

Anonymous said...

hi Paulo,
you're right, thank you :)

front cover:
back cover:

from: ProgNotFrog Forum
Thanks to PHS_BR for the covers ;)

70's Fusion said...

Sorry there's no way this guitarist is as fast or good as Dimeola or McLaughlin as stated in the review. He plays very simple repetive riffs on the Pentatonic or Phrygian scale without much creativity or chops or feeling. The drummer is very boring too. Very pedestrian.

maryes said...

hello my prog friend !!!you be able to repost in another host (megaupload, mediafire or rapidshare), I can't acess the Sharebee link !!!
thanks a lot !!!

Anonymous said...

hi maryes,
you can't acess the Sharebee link?
why? the link works very well

maryes said...

hello my prog friend !!!
unfortunately I can't get
access the link, although
already try several times.
Maybe is a configuration
problem in my web browser.
In any way, I BE THANKED FOR your interest !!!
God bless you !!!

Anonymous said...

hi maryes,


maryes said...

hello my prog friend !!!
thanks a lot for the new link !!! one embrace and GOD bless you !!!


<3 krautrock.

Anonymous said...

70's fusion with a kraut feel sounds too good to be true ;) thanks a lot for sharing

Anonymous said...

Rapidshit deleted this, as is their neurotic habit. I realize it's two years after the fact but I would love to hear this if you have a moment to repost it... Thanks for everything...

isabelbc said...

hi Anonymous,

the link on the first comment works well (, at least Megaupload...

Isabel :o)

Anonymous said...

Cannot get any of the links to work. Megaupload just clicks :(

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I tried it again and it works ! Thanks Isabelbc :)

gebuzina said...

All the link seem to be dead, anyone interested could try one of these:

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