Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aaltonen - Etiquette

A much more difficult album than the strings one. The cover is typical seventies gorgeousness, a woman is staring out at a pond or fjord perhaps searching for the loch ness monster's mate up in northern europe. The colours of the photograph are very vivid but at the same time seem to be lost in time, specifically, 36 years ago. The music too seems to be lost in time, with the kind of experimental jazz we don't hear done very well anymore. The first song is a concession to jazz standards, but the rest is original craziness. Actually, come to think of it, this reminds me a lot of hiro yanagida, and moose loose, just like make lievonen did.


A1) But Not For Me
A2) Fountain
A3) Pieni Kaunis Tanssi Tyttö
B1) Summer
B2) Bhanki
B3) Etiquette
B4) Perhaps



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Hi !!!
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