Friday, May 28, 2010

Rena Rama 1973

I believe I am once again victim of a case of mistaken identity, this is now the third time this has happened with this new identity I have, for the record, I am Tristan Stefan, I live in east Westphalia and I have two boys, named Hans und Franz. I was an installation artist in Berlin Kunstcraftsgesammenwerkschaftung discussing through my work paradigms of being and becoming in a meaningless existential universe, one of my most famous pieces was pile of dog poop on head of a Botticelli nude. One artwork about holocaust, a skull of Hitler made out of reese's pieces, I sold for 3 million Euro to a rich collector. He was also a mental defective. In another famous work I did with my brother I covered the Reichstag in Berlin with a giant lederhosen in protest against capitalism and the high cost of knackwurst. Then I had a midlife crisis, decided to give up art and go into the corporate world, so I became quality assurance control officer in BMW, we looked for design flaws in middle managers. We also made sure all labcoats were correct shade of white. This led to job in Bayer pharmaceuticals, I worked on developing vaccines for the HIV virus, the H1N1 viral pandemic and for athlete's foot. Currently I work fulltime in ISO 9001 Europa office we are designing implementation manuals for guidelines in standard operating procedures universal protocols involving light machinery, mostly phillips screwdrivers. These will be implemented ahead of schedule in ALL of EU by 2025 (the manuals, not the screwdrivers). What about the music? Well, I inherited the record collection of a hugely wealthy benefactor who made a fortune devising the nozzles for pouring beer from barrels for Oktoberfest (now used throughout the world) he was known in westphalia as 'Baron Bier'. He willed the vinyls to me after his horrible accidental death when he drowned in a brewery beer vat. I remember the tragic day well, I said to the brewmaster, "I hope it was quick at least" and his answer to me, "bitte, nein, Herr Tristan, it was not so quick. He climbed out of the vat three times to go take a pee."


Tristan Stefan said...

Steve H said...

And on that note (as I finish off the last drops of this Hitachino Espresso Stout), I will download this Rena Rama that I've never heard of because you've obviously got great taste, and I enjoyed your beer story.

Anonymous said...

Superb ! My hats of to you.

Anonymous said...

I have this album on my wishlist for a very long time and now I see an opportunity to at least get a digital image of it. I
Tristan,thank you for let me discover this great album. !!!

Luca said...

I love it!

trank grappa said...

I also enjoyed reading this story :-)
and I'm curious what kind of music that is, so I will download it as well :-)


Tristan: whoever you are, you are CRAZY and I thank you for your entertaining stories on this blog. That one really made me laugh SO MUCH I almost crashed my Starfighter.

Peace & good vibes

Anonymous said...

Methinks you coo coo, me likes das music.

Anonymous said...

haha funny story
here is som more info about the band:



Bengt Berger, Palle Danielsson, Bobo Stenson, Lennart Åberg

Diskografi [Discography]:
LP, Caprice 1973 (RIKS LP 49)

LP, Caprice 1979 (CAP 1182)

LP, Dragon 1986 (DRLP 118)

LP, Dragon 1989 (DRLP 173)

CD, Amigo 1998 (AMCD 883)

CD (samling - collection), Caprice 2003 (CAP 21723)

RomanZeus said...

So.. if you are who you say you are, how come you have not kept your music tastes in order ??? hahahahahahah

thax for everything and the humour...

sTavros (Rome)

Barrett said...

Wow, I think this is the first album on prognotfrog that I actually own on vinyl! It makes me feel a bit special, to say the least

magogiallo said...

simply fantastic...Thank youuuuu never heard it before

Anonymous said...

Hallo, it is possible to re-upload this album? Link is dead... thank you very much, Mario, Genova

isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

Really, thank you fo your work: i'm a italian progressive rock fan, i've seen this blog years ago, but the last years i've missed some groups and posts. Sorry fo my English language. Mario.

Anonymous said...

Can someone upload a new link? I would like to listen to this album

isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

Can you please post this recording again ? I am just discovering this ensemble. It's really hard to find their music. Also, thank you for introducing me to Coalition.

Julian Ryan said...

REUP here

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