Thursday, May 06, 2010


PROGrammers to the front!

It is no secret that PNF has several projects.
Since the projects are non-profit, it is important for us to reduce costs and minimize possible loads on servers,
Any friends who would like to give a hand to write seperate parts of the projects?

- Java programmer experienced on Google App Engine (Datastore, GQL) to build somekind of REST service focus on image processing (api).
- (QT) C++ programmer (a small Command-Line application running as a process at the background that focuses on processing XML data running on Linux; Unicode, XML, Threads, Regular Expressions, Database dependencies)
- We are also reviewing Amazon EC2 services & benefits/pitfalls of django on Google App Engine any experienced friends are welcome.

These are long-term projects, and we are not in hurry,
it is better that instead of a surfer, friends who know the frog for several years, respond to us.


Thanks <3