Tuesday, January 17, 2012

April Orchestra presente Michel Magne Vol. 21 (1977)

I got this record in honour of all the wonderful library sites that share April Orchestra and all the other musicians and composers who made this particular genre. Michel Magne is well known in progressive circles of course as creator of albums La Terre and L'eau. I presume it's the same person as here. Mostly he was involved in film scores, I noticed he is credited with "Barbarella" which is one movie I think everyone should see as a taste of the craziness of sixties culture and film.

This record is mostly orchestral works that sound very much like soundtrack pieces. The first side is co-composed with Pierre Delanoe while the second side is only Magne. B is a little bit more adventurous and experimental with some highly enjoyable compositions, e.g. the toccata. On the fourth and fifth tracks some great choral singing is featured. The second last track, Butterflies of crystal moons in two parts is a particular standout with its Messiaen-like composition.

If this was shared before in some other blog I apologize, especially to myself since this makes purchasing the vinyl a waste of money for me.

In any case this rip goes out to the folks who found and shared so many incredible library records on their blogs. It never ceases to amaze me how these european composers spent so much time and effort writing music for these records destined to be shelved.

A1 Chanson Pour Pleurer A Deux 4:06
A2 Les Amoureux De Californie 4:37
A3 Le Village Englouti 3:53
A4 Le Pays De L'Amour 4:00
A5 La Lettre Et La Réponse 4:30
A6 Noël Sans Cheminée 2:56
B1 Galop En Fusion 1:17
B2 Cuivres En Chasse 1:08
B3 Toccata Délices Et Orgues 2:36
B4 Délivrance 2:06
B5 Coeur Fêlé 1:05
B6 Nocturne Des Profondeurs 2:06
B7 Magnamagma 0:45
B8 Papillons Des Lunes De Cristal Part 1 2:56
B9 Papillons Des Lunes De Cristal Part 2 1:20
B10 Papillons Des Matins Endormis


Papillons des lunes de cristal:

Coming soon: completions of some rare private pressings from Germania and another lost album from one of the great masters of progressive and jazz from that great and amazing musical country.


Tristan Stefan said...


Pornotrond said...

Great post, very enjoyable album!

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Thanks Tristan Stefan

litlgrey said...

I am stunned... I have never seen this one before. Considering the composer, it is quite important indeed.

house303 said...

Much appreciated! Thank you!!

Your Pal Doug said...

Thanks! My first venture into the April Library.
Talked me into it with Magne.

Jim Thomson said...

Really Good Post!!

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can I get some of those new garage doors please, Jim?

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