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ふるさとのなつかしい民謡 Furusato no natsukashii minyoh (1970,jazz rock,Japan ,omnibus)

ふるさとのなつかしい民謡 Furusato no natsukashii minyoh (1970,jazz rock,Japan ,omnibus)

This is a LP that was released as a series for the instrumental easy listening music.The series were released   at leaset about 15 LPs from 1970 to 1971 in Japan as mail order only ,not sold in the shops at all.
This album is the tenth album of the series and all of the tracks are Japanese traditional music called 民謡 "Minyoh".Some  sing,others dance to the song.But in this album ,Minyoh are cooked as jazz rock.
Very delicious and cool !!!!!

side A
1. そうらん節 Sohran Bushi  1:01
2. 北海盆唄 Hokkai Bon Uta  1:45
3. 斉太郎節 Saitara Bushi  1:40
4. 花笠踊り Hanagasa Odori  1:20
5. 相馬盆唄 Sohma Bon Uta  2:09
6. 草津節 Kusatsu Bushi  1:31
7. 小諸馬子唄 Komoro Mago Uta   2:07

side B
1. 佐渡おけさ Sado Okesa  2:21
2. 串本節 Kushimoto Bushi  1:39
3. 安来節 Yasugi Bushi  2:23
4. よさこい節 Yosakoi Bushi  1:41
5. 黒田節 Kuroda Bushi  2:10
6. おてもやん Otemoyan  2:04

played  by...
ジミー竹内とザ・エキサイターズ Jimmy Takeuchi & The Exciters
中島安則とラテン・リズム・キングス Yasunori Nakajima & Latin Rhythm Kings
中村八大とニューサウンズ・オーケストラ Hachidai Nakamura & Newsounds Orchestra
原信夫とシャープス・アンド・フラッツ Nobuo Hara & Sharps and  Flats



Shige said...

ripped from LP



[(Sub)] said...

Thanks Shige!

yoshio said...

From Japan
Minyou means simply FOLK SONG.

The orchestra featuing here were usually back band
of TV pop(Kayou)show.

Sadly I can't have fondly recollection from those music.


The mp3 link is dead....

K.L.I.R. said...

Great thanks Master Shige.

Shige said...

The link is active ever.

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Great stuff here! Fantastic blog. I link you in my blogroll. Mine is in spanish but hope you like it too and do the same if you want. Have a look:


Keep the rock’n’roll alive, folks.

sambson said...

Sohran Bushi - a sea shanty [soran is a nonsense word used in the song to keep time]
Hokkai Bon Uta - Bon Dance Song Of The Northern Sea
Saitara Bushi - A mine worker named Saitaro changed this miner's song into a sea shanty when he became a fisherman.
Hanagasa Ondo is a folk song literally meaning "flower straw-hat song." It accompanies a local community dance called the "Hanagasa Odori."
Sohma Bon Uta - is translated as Harvest Song
Kusatsu Bushi - The Song of Kusatsu is a bath house song - first sung by one person and then all bathers join in with a chant.
Komoro Maga Uto - A Pack-Horse Driver's Song of Komoro
Sado Okesa - Sado indicates this is from Sado Island, and "Okesa' is a style of song originating in Amakusa City - typically a dialog between a man and a woman in love, and sung there when seamen drank sake together.
Kushimoto Bushi - sea shanty from the Kushimoto village describing how they have no trouble getting to the next island because their boats are so fine.
Yasugi Bushi - Yasugi City song where performers try to catch small fresh water eels (Dojou) while dancing along to this song.
Yosakoi Bushi - Yosakoi is a unique style of dance that started in the city of Kōchi in 1954, as a modern rendition of Awa Odori, a traditional summer dance.
Kuroda Bushi - means “Song of Kuroda,” but if you write “bushi” in a slightly different way, it means “samurai.” The wordplay is intentional. The Kuroda clan supported the shogun in the wars to unify Japan and this song is about various events throught the clan's history.
Otemoyan - has a name of debatable origins, but tells of a girl in love with a man with smallpox scars on his face and her concerns about their wedding. It is played by mass performers dancing in the streets of Kumamoto in the summer.

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