Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jun Fukamachi "Alien Majyu Kyo" (1985,prog fusion,Japan)

Jun Fukamachi "Alien Majyu Kyo" (1985,prog fusion,Japan)

Alian Majyu Kyo (エイリアン魔獣境) was very famous SF novel in Japan at that time.
This album is a imaginary  original soud track of the novel.
It has never been released as CD format  since  the first release in 1985.
I believe it is a forgotten Japanese prog fusion gem.
Enjoy !!!!!

All composed and arranged by Jun Fukamachi

Jun Fukamachi 深町純 ....key
Hideo Yamaki 山木秀夫....ds  (ex,KAZUMI BAND、SHOGUN、近藤等則IMA )
Yasuo Tomikura 富倉安生.....eb
Akira Wada 和田アキラ  (Prism)
All of the members are from  a Japanese fusion band "Keep"

track list

エイリアン魔獣境 (side A)
1. Requiem  7:29
2. Treasure Hunter  4:07
3. The Dinosaur Age   4:41
4. Twilight Zone   2:55

エイリアン魔界航路(side B)
1.Neptune  4:50
2. The Legend of the Ark  4:34
3. Lima 3:20
4. Wandering in the World of Spirits  6:16



Shige said...

ripped from the LP

wav (with Jet Audio,burn on the CD-R)


Adamski said...

Excellent record. Kind of spacy with melody moogs...always appreciated. Many thanks for this discovery

Cabinboy said...

What a great find! Thanks so much.

isabelbc said...

Thank you very much dear Shige! :o)

Calisan said...

Please, why don't include the rear cover? Anybody could help us?
Thanks Shige for this wonderful discover for me!

Shige said...

This is the rear cover's link

Calisan said...

Thanks for my request!
Great fusion!
Sometime ago I heard a couple of Fukamachi albums from MyJazzWorld and sounds good too!

apf said...

Thank you!

Adamski said...

Does anyone have Fukamachi's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and could share it - please...?

Anonymous said...

Fukamachi's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is here.

This is new remaster 2012,Tower Records Japan only limited rerease.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! but sadly the links of Part 2 and 3 are dead! can you repost them please?

Dub Me said...

I was looking for "Nicole" by Jun Fukamachi. Giving this one a try now... Just heard a song on a mix from the "Nicole" album... Great blog & thanks for shar... some amazing music...

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