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Yasuo Inada & Bemi Family "Kankaku Shikou"(Japan,prog,1974)

Yasuo Inada & Bemi Family "Kankaku Shikou"(Japan,prog,1974)

About 1973,A.R.P(5 members) played in Tokyo,Japan.They played funk music at that time .
Yasuo Inada was a member of the band.
In 1974,the band disbanded and re-unioned.It was called "ARP",not "A.R.P".
The members were
稲田保雄 Yasuo Inada....Key
福田郁次郎 Ikujirou Fukuda....B
福田幾太郎 Ikutarou Fukuda....G
藤井章司 Shouji Fujii....Ds

The band released the only single "サンシャイン"(means ..Sunshine)
but surprisingly,the name of the band was changed into "Yasuo Inada & Bemi Family" on the cover of the single.So the three members except Inada got angry very much .The three members didn't know about the changing of the band's name.
After that ,the member was changed partly.

志村昭三 Shouzou Shimura....E.G

By these three members,"感覚思考" (kankaku shikou) was recorded in 1974.
After that,this band changed into "Bemi Family" but no studio recording at all ... one live track in a compilation album(in 1977) was left.It seems that it was a just pop rock .

side A
01 original No.1 (from Claude Debussy)....19:22
side B
02 original No.2 (from Beethoven).....10:33
03 original No.3 (from Beethoven).....6:07

We can enjoy this mp3 file thanks to my friend who shared this mega rare gem..
Enjoy !!!

More information
here thanks to Tom

track 1


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