Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Biz "A Matter Of Time " (Canada,1978, Prog HR,POMP)

The Biz "A Matter Of Time " (Canada,1978, Prog HR,POMP)


Sandy Lawson....guitar,vocals
Tom Hogge....keyboards,lead vocals
Ken Leckie....drums,vocals
Richard Loubert ....bass

Side Ⅰ
1. Where Are You Going (SL and K.Kopas) 3:14
2..She Said (TH) 3:17
3. Madman In The Attic (SL and N.Bennet) 6:28
4. The Last Chapter (TH) 6:46

Side Ⅱ
1. Float Away (TH) 3:48
2. Don't Hang Around Me (TH) 3:34
3. Wait For The Night (KL) 4:13
4. Love Leaves On Time (TH) 7:09



Shige said...

Ripped from the LP

WAV (lossless,without the cover scan)

mp3 (with cover scan)

Anonymous said...

do you have any of htese curtis knight lps:

aceha1 said...

WOW this album is AWESOME! I don't even dig this type of thing usually, but man.. I'm surprised that they didn't go further!

beaug said...

First of all nice rip whoever did this it sounds great. Sometimes a little pomp rock is ok most of the time there isnt much substance to make it through a whole album. Can you say Journey-Escape YUCK. Anyway there is some good catchy tunes on this album my favs are 1. Where Are You Going. Madman In The Attic 3. Float Away. As far as Canadian AOR Pomp Rock goes this album has Zon beat easily. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

any chance for a re-upload? link is not available anymore !!! jake

Tristan Stefan said...

new reup
Sept. 24, 2013

Anonymous said...

pleasssssse reup this one .looking fot it. joske

Sandy Lawson said...

"A Matter of Time" was released in 1981. It is commonly listed as a 1978 release in error, mainly because of the name of the label, Bent Records (1978) Ltd., and a credit on the cover that states "all lyrics copyright 1978 The Biz Enterprises". Those lyrics only refer to those written by Tom Hogge. Lawson did not join the band until early 1980 and wrote two of the songs on the album. Leckie wrote another. The album was recorded at Mushroom studios in the summer and fall of 1980 and was released the following spring. The Biz was the last band to use the famous tube board before the studio went digital. Cheers.

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