Thursday, March 01, 2012

Merlin "Alive At Last" (USA,1981) Fusion, AOR, Jazz rock

"Alive At Last" (USA,1981) ....Fusion ,AOR,Jazz rock ,Celtic feelings,and sometimes KANSAS-like

As I was searching for Merlin (from Germany .already posted some days ago),I found another obscure "Merlin" from USA.So checked at RYM and knew that it might be good album.
So,I got it and will introduce here.
Although it is sold at cheaper price at some market places,I believe that this sole live album's value is more than the sold price.
Very enjoyable album .Maybe,you will be able to enjoy their music with the audience in this album.
Try it !!!!!!

Side 1
1. Singing Song (6:12)
2. Pay The Piper (4:00)
3. Love Is Never Tame (4:52)
4. Fall'n In Love Again (4:55)

1. Fantasy (7:09)
2. snowblind (4:32)
3. Different Ways (4:53)
4. Mister Don't Bang Those Dice (4:15)

Jeff Rowlands ....g,flute,Harmonica,vo.
Gary Roche.....g,flute,key,per,vo
Carlos Reyes .....violin,Paraguayan folk harp,key
David Kemp .....lead g,vo
Larry Santos ...b
Mark Mathias.....ds,per

Live recorded at Great american Music Hall,San Francisco,CA (1980? or 81?)


I uploaded Mark Sherman's "Fulcrum Point "(1980,USA,jazz rock,Pierre Moerlen's Gong-like) yesterday.
But soon knew that he sells this album at his own home page (maybe CD-R)and deleted my post soon.
I don't want to disturb active-performing artists' profit with the same intensity as all of you.
If you have any interest with the album,visit here and get it.

The following sight was seen from my hometown yesterday morning before the dawn.
I hope this beautiful world will last forever with WORLD PEACE ....
I believe that heavy rocks cannot be held up alone,but can be by many people all over the world.


Shige said...

WAV (install jetAUDIO and burn the file into CD-R)


Tristan Stefan said...

beautiful photo, master shige, but your optimism seems to me so difficult to agree with, I don't encounter many people around me willing to lift those heavy rocks... on the contrary!

Shige said...

Hi,Tristan Stefan.
Thanks for the reply.
I think no road is there for the beginning.
But more and more people walk there,
a road will appear .
So we shoudn't stop telling to help with each other
to younger generations.
I think our thoughts are reflrcted against younger generations' hearts.
To realize happy world,we ourselves must be happy helping each other ....for example ,sharing music files (lol)

Harri Morgan said...

Great post Shige! Arigato!

Roderick Verden said...

Very good!!! Have you Mythos, "Superkraut 1976"?

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

I was the drummer for Merlin. What a thrill to see this post. Carlos, the violinist and harpist, recorded a solo album ("The Beauty Of It All") that I played on. Very nice CD, well-recorded, circa 1986. Got some airplay on the local smooth jazz station. We still play together every now and then, here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm currently playing in a blues band, so check it out if you like.

Cherise said...

Okay, I'm the resident software dweeb. I have been trying to find a .wav or downloadable version of this Merlin album Alive At Last album for ages. My husband and I fell in love to this album (among others)...I could not figure out the RapidShare downloads you provided. Is that the Alive album? Do I have to buy this software to make this work? We've got the original vinyl...I guess it's time to copy that to a CD, eh? Thanks!! Cherise

Anonymous said...

I probably saw Merlin 50+ times. San Francisco was a great place to see a lot of incredible music. I first saw Merlin in North Beach in 1976 with their original guitarist, Phil. Jeff, Carlos and David were original members. They changed several years later when then added Gary Roche. I will never forget the flute duals between Jeff and Gary live. The best song displaying this was Gary's song The Unreal Real". I still listen to Merlin 30-35 years later. Great and entertaining group. They should release a CD of their Great American Music Hall concernt someday.

Anonymous said...

Randomly found this record in a lot of LPs I bought on Craigslist and GOD DAMN this is a serious album. The cheesy, AOR-type moments are far overshadowed by the ridiculous musicality on the jams. Holy cow. I don't even like prog or any of overwrought 70s studio rock, but this is something else entirely. Every current "jam" band touring today copies Merlin's sound almost exactly and yet no one has ever heard of these guys. Don't sleep on this record, it's pretty f-ing solid.

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