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Monseigneur (Switzerland,Progressive folk,1979?,private press)

Monseigneur (Switzerland, Progressive folk,1979?,private press )

If you like early Gryphon or Mike Oldfield (his short trad Celtic tunes),surely will love this album. Medieval and Celtic feel deeply...Obscure gem.
RYM says that it was released in 1979,but I'm not sure because the release year is not printed on the cover of the album.

ripped from the original album.
(Ripping seems to be successful )


1. Tom Billy's jig -Bill hearts ...trad (3:35)
2. Les filles (3:20)
3. Green leaves - Morning on a distant shore..trad (3:29)
4. Tru hags purse -Morrison's jig ....trad (3:52)
5. My poor shoes - Hanter dro....trad (2:44)


1. Blues Breton - Gwerz penmarc'h (6:13)
2. Complainte du triste monde'...trad (6:34)
3. La danse des gnomes (4:26)

total time ...34:13

Nicolas Maire...flute,tin whistles,vocal
Pierre Pellaton....violin,cello,mandolin,bouzouki,accordion,bombard,tin whistle,key,vocal
Gerald Sifringer.....drums,bodhran,vocal
Jean-Pierre Eggimann.....bass
Michel Houriet....12 strings guitar,4 strings banjo,vocal
...... Droxier (cannot read his first name because of the cover damage)....6 strings guitar,vocal



Shige said...

wav (lossless)


Harri Morgan said...

Really nice surprise, Domo Arigato Shige-san

Anonymous said...

This is very fine *rare* music indeed--Thank You, Shige.
I especially like the mix of acoustic instruments with the (electric?) bass and drums/percussion. Excellent Stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Thank Very much !!

Anonymous said...

Exelent!!! have you any other disc from this band???? thanx

Shige said...

>>>have you any other disc from this band????

No,only this one.

Blog Psychosonda said...

nice,smooth and mysterious!

San Sanich said...


PHSStudiosRJ said...

Fantastic Sound, Shige!!!!



nacho62 said...

Excelente mùsica.- El que toca la guitarra de 6 cuerdas es Alain Droxler (con L).- Saludos.-

Daniela Bitzi said...

The download-link is not available anymore. I would really love to have this album and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone could help? Please PM me:

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