Friday, March 23, 2012

Noctett - Full Score 1980

I was excited seeing the cover, since clearly it is the chart for a composition played by the nine-piece band. In fact it's the last song, secret longings, which is for sure the highlight of this album, with its opening in a diminished 5th pattern on the piano, it progresses into some really nice polytonality a la Stravinsky. Overall the album is more on the jazz scale of things but does have quite a bit of interesting energy to it. They did another album called Contrasts. It's an odd group name, combining nonet with octet, it's not quite clear to me what the play on words is, perhaps relating to the word nocturnal?

The proficiency of these german jazz musicians is outstanding. This recalls a lot the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble of Wolfgang Dauner in style.

Sample Song Illusions:


Tristan Stefan said...

noctett full score

Anonymous said...

Thank You very much!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tristan Stefan
Thanks for this good refreshments at weekend time !
Simply by listening to the sample, I can't wait to hear the entire album.
It's much of an exclusive share for tasteful avant/jazz fans. Superb among its kind !
I can even feel the bee buzzing across my ears in secret longings which is an excellent polytonal composition.
Great share, Love it !

beaug said...

Thank you Mr. Stefan you seem to keep posting albums that ive had on my wishlist for a long time. 1970's Instrumental Jazz with Horns is one of my favorites. I finally got to hear Noctett's first album Contrats 2 weeks ago. And now you post their second album. Thanks again

PHSStudiosRJ said...

I really expected this.......

Millions of thanks!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks, sounds good from the sample.

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Many many thanks.


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Too late, it's gone! Any hope of a re=post?

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new link, Sept. 24, 2013

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