Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chemin Blanc - Chemin Blanc {France}[1976, RCA]

Artist: Chemin Blanc
Album: Chemin Blanc
Year: 1976
Label: RCA
Style: Folk/Prog
Format: 320 mp3 + 3% Recovery
Size: 97.8MB
Lineage: VINYL Rip 16bit 44.1khz

Source: Album Collection

Gentle yet complex and intricately played acid folk. This is a true gem of a record, with male and female vocals. Also featured...electro-acoustic guitar playing and other instrumental delights

Track Listing

A1 Ecoute Moi 3:15
A2 Wendy 3:29
A3 Comptine 0:32
A4 Regarde 4:32
A5 Alleuze 4:30
A6 Chemin Blanc 3:58
B1 J'ai Feuillete Ma Jeunesse 4:03
B2 Sabadena 5:40
B3 Ballade Pour Un Chat 4:25
B4 Chanson Pour La Vague 4:37
B5 Ecoute-Moi (Instrumental) 2:10

Musicians/Line Up

Bass Guitar – Serge Massy
Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Guitar – Gérard Hello
Congas, Drums, Electric Piano, Organ, Vocals – Didier Blanc
Guitar – Yves Rakotomalala
Guitar, Dulcimer, Vocals – Eric Le Collin
Percussion, Xylophone, Glockenspiel – Xavier Jouvelet
Piano, Organ – Marc Jaurequiberry
Vocals – Marie Hello


Pollux said...

My apologies for being quiet so long but all of a sudden life got really busy around here :)

As requested. Enjoy!

320 mp3


Anonymous said...

Thanx for this album I was looking for.

Anonymous said...

I'm French and 80% of the french records you post are totally unknown in their own country. How does it come they are so better known and appreciated in other countries ? Nobody knows, but thank you anyway.

Unknown said...

Tell me what!!!

Merci bien Pollux!

Anonymous said...

Really...really good! Thanks for this album Pollux!

Pollux said...

You are quite welcome it is my pleasure as always!

En France nous avons un dicton, nul n'est prophete en son pays :)

Anonymous said...

Ce bien beau blog serait donc tenu par des français (ou québécois, ne froissons personne) ?
Happy to see that you still manage to discover such gems !

Anonymous said...

To say that this album is delicious is an understatement! I will take him to the grave, I want to be attached with hi-fi for when "dead"! The only flaw ... using rapidshare. It 's depressing slowness of this site. Netkups forever! Thanks Pollux! Thanks to you I'm discovering the pearls of French folk rock of which I did not know existed.

Piblokto said...

Thanks for this, it is very pleasant. I have never heard of them, but I am in the UK so probably not surprising. It's a very nice rip from vinyl- my compliments on the quality.

Franco said...


Any chance of a re-up of the Chemin Blanc Lp's in Flac.....Thanks!

Anonymous said...

please reup flac!!!

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