Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Panama Red "Limited" (Germany,1981,Kraut)

Panama Red "Limited" (Germany,1981,Kraut)

When  we listen to  70s-80s German albums,if we are not sure  it is HR?,PROG?BLUES?,AVAN?,FUSION?,JAZZ?,POP?EXPERIMENTAL?ELECTRONICS?.....Such a case,we usually call them "KRAUT".
KRAUT is a very useful word for us,prog lovers.
I know little about Panama Red. (1000 limited private press.).

But whenever listening to this KRAUT album,I can be  very impressed with it all the time.( NO tracks to throw away in this album!!!)
Especially,I am in love with musicians to play COOL rhythms  (the bass player and the drummer).
I hope you will enjoy this German KRAUT GEM a lot.


A1. Mr.Madman
A2. Elmeloh City
A3. Spanier
A4. Tomorrow is Another Day
B1. Suicide
B2. Jetzt Langt's
B3. Just Stay (Wait a Minute)
B4. November

Klaus Altstetter  ....guitar, vocal (on November)
Dieter Zimmermann .....bass,backing vocal,per,
Buddy Brudzinski .....guitar
Peter Falch ....  drums.per
Joschi Janosch  ....vo



Mit said...

Ripped from the LP...few noises,It was a very clean vinyl !!!

WAV....Install JetAudio and burn the file into CD-R for data


isabelbc said...

thank you dear Shige!!
i sent my fav to youtube! :o)

Tristan Stefan said...

As a hard kraut album, it's fantastic, with great driving energy, professional playing, good songs. Thanks for sharing master shige. I don't dare call it a m***terp**ce; or else we will get 45 comments, instead of the maximum allowed 5-15 comments per post ;-)

echoes said...

Good as panama red...

Mit said...

"Spanier" is my favorite,too.
Thank you very much for UL it at Youtube .
And Astrë's official site at FB is also great.

Thanks for telling me about it .

Hi,Tristan Stefan.
Your joke makes me very happy !

Thanks for the reply.
Without keyboards,
some proggers might not feel the track "prog",however,
I feel "prog" in playing by bass player and drummer.(Of course ,2 guitarists are also very cool !!!)

goospoos said...

wow... Really nice one.

echoes said...

Well, I have been on this site quite many times, downloaded some great music. In general, your music taste is a little more jazzy, more experimental than mine, but still, we have some things in common on musical side.
So instead of you thanking me for the comment let me thank you for some nice pieces that I've found on your page.
Have a nice time!

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Many thanks Shige for this pearl...


Sergey said...

thank you very much! Very good album

Kvartetten said...

What a great share...As German prog/kraut scene lover, this one is a real gem.
I agree Shige, Spanier is agreat song. It reminds me Ramses's "La Leyla" and Alcatraz's "Samba Pardon"...Real quality song and band..

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