Monday, May 28, 2012

Changes - Home Again (Germany, 1979)

A very similar sound to the Riot album I featured here a while back (Beckerhoff is in both bands), with the same laid-back ecm-like sound recalling Manfred Schoof in the late seventies phase-- boy do I love this german jazz, I don't think I could ever get enough of it. All my previous remarks apply here concerning what I think is the superiority of european jazz to the original american style, particularly in the field of jazz-rock, where compositions tend to be stronger and more varied. And as I said, I grew up with American jazz, in a former life I played jazz piano. I know these are fightin' words, I guess I should qualify by saying I prefer the european style.

They did another album the next year with the same line-up, presumably along the same lines...
Hope you enjoy this Mr Morgan.

A closer look at the beautiful cover painting shows a leaf turning brown with screws bleeding drops-- very interesting death of nature allusion?

A1 Home Again 7:04
A2 Trees 5:48
A3 Little Waltz 7:56
B1 Samba Du Commerce 5:59
B2 Some Days Of My Life 7:45
B3 Blues For Ed 6:58

Bass– Peter Bockius
Drums– Peter Weiss (4)
Piano– Ed Kröger
Saxophone– Wolfgang Engstfeld
Trumpet, Flugelhorn– Uli Beckerhoff

Home Again


Tristan Stefan said...


PHSStudiosRJ said...

First-hand! Tristan Fanstastic!!!


Maitre D. Morgan said...

You man, You know the music, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

great post...

Anonymous said...
Ciao amico, ti va di mettere il mio indirizzo nel tuo blog? Grazie

Antony said...

Hi Tristan! Thank you for great jazz-rock. But track no.6 is repeatedly skipping from 5:39 to 6:11. Is it possible to fix it?

Shige said...

Thank you for everything some days ago with your help !!!
I will help you now !

You can replace this file with the previous one(I am ready with mo3 and WAV , but track 6 only)

Tristan Stefan said...

sorry about that, and thanks shige

Antony said...

Excellent Shige!
All is in order now. Thank you.

Dr Dopo said...

I definitely share your sentiments about European jazz rock. Can't wait to listen to this one!

boogieman said...

Excellent album but i wouldn't call it Jazz rock. It's 100% pure unadulterated jazz!
Thanks for fixing track 6, one of my favorites.

Cheers from Boogieman

marcoalemao said...

Any chance to reup this one?

Tristan Stefan said...

Please read my writeup more closely, I didn't explicitly describe this as jazz-rock, I referred to it as jazz, I said that European jazz-rock is better than American jazz-rock.

Santosh Subramanian said...

Can you re-up please?

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