Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phileas Fogg - Coma Depasse 1986

Some more French material to complement pollux's posts before we move back to Germany. This lost record recalls Babel-era Cos (esp. the 5th track) with the crystal-clear female singing on top of some really tasty jazz licks with progressive touches. Isabelle Sobkowiak is the singer and she really goes all-out on the out-belted third track demonstrating some ground-fracking high notes in the first part. In the second part of the same song we get those sustained minor chord guitar arpeggios that are so proggy, cf. edition speciale, mahavishnu orchestra, whereupon the keyboardist gets a chance to shine (Jollivet).

The guitarist, Christian Berger, is the other real standout in his gorgeous playing. Phenomenal solos abound. I include the last instr. composition below to get a feel of the jazz vs. rock vs. progressive dosages that go into this potion.

I know some will think it's simple pop, some will think it's too jazzy, but someone out there (based on past comments) might well think it's their favourite record in the world. For me, it sure is beautiful music to my ears, and I will play it numerous times. And at least my wife will like it too! (Although this means I have to leave the headphones off, and listen to her talk about her day at work for a long long time.) I particularly love this singer's voice, she's got diamonds that glitter to make you blind in her vocal cords.

Bass– Pierre Janin
Congas– Lazreg Saidi
Drums, Percussion– François Longuemare
Guitar– Christian Berger
Keyboards– Lionel Jollivet
Vocals– Isabelle Sobkowiak

Paroles - P. Roudergue
Composee et arrangee - Phileas Fogg

Last track:


Tristan Stefan said...


thanks to the mighty osurec for introducing me to phileas

apf said...

Thank you!

Maitre D. Morgan said...

Long desired, waited and wanted pearl! Hats after You Tristan!

Tristan Stefan said...

I know you will like it too mr morgan, I know your tastes now! ;-)

Shige said...

hi,Tristan Stefan.
It is my favorite .
Very intersting prog.....Babel-era Cos....Yes,similar!

Thanks so much for sharing this gem !

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for this album.
I love that voice.
I love this band.
Never heard before.
I'm so grateful for this gem.


Anonymous said...

Is it an album really ... really funny! Never heard before! They made other albums of the same level? Thanks for the proposal!

Anonymous said...

So again I say: master Tristan…

Respect and low hat for this treasure. This is a Pearl that will join a French setting.Many thanks and viva PNF !


Tristan Stefan said...

Glad I'm not the only one who loves this... I could listen to this record every day and never get tired of it... why is music like this not played on the radio instead of the usual crap?

soundvoyeur said...

You had me at 'Cos'. I always think... is there ANYTHING like 74-79 era Cos to cure my thirst for more? Then I realize I'm hopelessly in love with Pascal Son... and that will never be replaced. Still, I'm excited for this and would love to hear more of anything like the unappreciated, needlessly scarce realm of beauty which Cos personifies and (rare) gems like Phileas' Fogg re-conjure. Thanks again.

Buddhabreath said...

Any chance for a re-up? TIA.

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