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Bernard Benoit - Lutunn Noz {France}[1975, Arion]

Artist: Bernard Benoit
Album: Lutunn Noz
Year: 1975
Label: Arion
Style: Folk/Prog
Format: Flac + 3% Recovery
Size: 191MB
Lineage: VINYL Rip 16bit 44.1khz

Source: Album Collection

Studio Album Released in 1975

Track Listing

1. Aet Kuit An Ankou (4:37)
2. Lost An Diaoul (3:19)
3. Soizig (2:20)
4. Fidandoue Kernevad (3:05)
5. Lutunn Noz (4:25)
6. Jig Igelbriz (3:40)
7. L'Heritiere De Keroulaz (3:25)
8. Ton An Aven (2:50)
9. Riviere Du Huelgoat (2:43)
10. Theme De La Folle De Toujane (5:10)

Line Up/Musicians

Bernard Benoit - Guitare
Philippe Le Balp - Bombarde, Bagpipes
Tanguis Le Dore - Bass
Didier De Calan -
Jenika Gaelle - Voice

When one thinks of Celtic music, the sounds of harp, fiddle, and pipes come to mind. So, the guitar might seem an unusual and out-of-place instrument to be featured in a Celtic album. Unusual, yes, but Bernard Benoit's skill with his instrument, his arrangements, and his familiarity with Celtic music make the guitar anything but out of place. And, although the guitar is featured, the more traditional Celtic instruments usually accompany it. Benoit gives the album cohesiveness by infusing each track with an ethereal quality. But he also manages to provide variety. There are several simple and beautiful melodies. "Theme de la Folle Toujane," with its siren-like female vocalizations, is particularly haunting; and the humming that accompanies Benoit's guitar in the title track, "Lutunn Noz," evokes images of pre-Christian Celts at their campfires. But in other tunes, Benoit achieves a cheerier atmosphere, such as in the jaunty "Jig Izelbriz" and "Fidandoue Kernevad." This is an impressive album of imaginative and enchanting arrangements by a very talented musician. Lovers of Celtic music will find it one of their more unusual albums, and it is not likely they will ever tire of it. ~ Peter Ditzel, All Music Guide


Pollux said...

Bernard Benoit - Lutunn Noz 1975
320 Mp3

Pollux said...

With my apologies for the Rapidshare links once again. I started using Netkups but with limited success unfortunately :(

Tristan Stefan said...

Hello dear friend, but did you try my personal preferred system, filejumbo-- although it requires patience too for the downloader (as well as the uploader) since it is off several times a month, nonetheless, all the files going back to the beginning are still active there for me.

This record is really really beautiful. I am so happy you are a completist and have worked through the discographies of these great forgotten artists to share all their work with us, this is as it should be done.

seaslug said...

Wow! I looooove this record, from the stunning cover with the falafel font silhouetted against the melancholic sunset to the hypnotic guitar lines that are buffeted by the arrangements and the lovely singer's dreamscape-born voice. I am agog.Thank you!

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