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Esa Helasvuo - Think-Tank-Funk (Finland, 1973)

I will continue with the Natural Life discography in a moment, note that Mike Elliott went on to do two more solo records, City Traffic (similar to Atrio, mostly jazz standards solo or with rhythm section), and the much more fusion-oriented and interesting Diffusion in the early eighties.  As well Robert Rockwell III (don't forget that number!) did a solo record with the band called Androids, much more in the funk direction.  This was just before the Natural Life records came out I believe.
Now I will take this opportunity to introduce you to a contributor by the name of Morgan, a multilinguist irish-finnish lad who has shared quite a number of rarities for us in the recent past.  He let me know about this record which really stunned me silent, due to its combination of classical compositional skills with the beautiful electric fusion sound of the seventies we know and love so deeply.  Originally he had it on vinyl but recently it was reissued in a small number of copies in Finland on CD.  All the usual comments I've made about european fusion apply: the skills of composition (not surprising from the country of Sibelius), the variety of tones and emotions, the enormous technical proficiency, add to this the uniquely finnish (or is it scandinavian?) tendency towards very progressive jazz sounds.


Artist: Esa Helasvuo
Album: Think-Tank-Funk
Release: 1973 / 2011
Genre: jazz

“Hardly the funky set you might guess from the title, but a really compelling set of Finnish jazz from the early 70s – one that’s got a contemplative sense of sound, right up there with some of the best ECM material from the time! The project is led by pianist Esa Helasvuo, who also seems to play electric as well as acoustic – stretching out over slow-building lines from a group that includes Hasse Walli on guitar, Teppo Hauta-aho on bass, and Edward Vesala on drums – plus some extra-cool added violin and viola, which make these sharp edges that underscore things very well. Titles include “Song For A Tube”, “Lily Flower”, “Mixed Fruit Flavoured Chorus”, “Think Tank Funk”, and “Dialogue (parts 1 & 2)”.”

A Personal Note From Mr. Morgan:

KIITOS Rocket-Records uudelleen julkaisusta ja mikäli jaossa oleva äänite on vastoin sääntöjänne, poistamme linkin välittömästi!

Oh yes, and what about that title?  have you ever heard anything more politically ridiculous as an album title, the think-tank funk?  how about we send this album to one of those so-called 'right-wing think tanks' for entertainment... 


Anonymous said...

flac (lossless):



Tristan Stefan said...

just a quick comment about esa's discography, our own famous prognotfrog blog posted his Q album a couple of years ago, as you may recall this is an ECM-like album of meditative complex acoustic jazz. His 1974 omat hommat is a solo jazz piano album, 77's ommi manni is kind of a children's album but with some very interesting composed tracks, and that's all I know. Perhaps someone else can enlighten. Note his website too:

LRRooster said...

Hi M. Morgan
Thx from Paris
God bless captcha codes !

apf said...

Thank you!

Genre Slur said...

thank you very much! I am impressed. However the old link to his lp 'Q' has been deleted. I do not know the protocol here for requesting a potential re-upload. Rather, if anyone is this thread has a link I will be grateful. Thanks again. I really should point out that a great many people in Calgary Canada are turning into prog heads thanks to prognotfrog. I work inner city, and always play music at work (an old coffee roasterie). This blog is know a well known 'node' in inner city Calgary! Excellent taste here.

Tristan Stefan said...

wow!! no kidding? I will reupload Esa's Q shortly

Anonymous said...

Esa Helasvuo: 1977 - Q (mp3 320kbps)

Enjoy! ;-)

Tristan Stefan said...

thanks for that

Anonymous said...

Dead link. Re-up?

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