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Princess Flower & The Moon Rays - "Dreaming The Magic Of Your Maya" 2LP (1968/1970) (kindly submitted by polvere di farfalla)

"Dreaming the Magic of Your Maya was recorded in room number 22, at the Hotel Stella in Paris, over a three-month period in 1967. This was where Ziska and Loren were living at the time. It was a garret room on the top floor of the famous/infamous left bank hotel and room 22 was the best room in the place, overlooking the Jardin du Luxembourg, on Rue Monseieur-le-Prince. It was small, you couldn't fit more than fifteen people in it

The hotel was full of musicians and poets and performes and artists and various colorful people moving up and down in the bohemian world. Friends would drop by room 22 often and engage in spontaneous music making. Loren kept a Sony reel to reel at the ready and recorded all these sessions. Sometimes, when more people showed up than could fit in the room, they would break into groups and to to play music in the park. It was a time of intense experimentation and freedom, of pushing the boundaries. Meanwhile the student revolution of 1968 was fomenting. It was an exciting time to be in Paris.
..." from artwork

- Fej Mornin - guitar
- Raja Samyana - percussion, drums, dumbek, chant
- Loren Standlee - vocals, flute, harp, alto flute, mouth harp, chant
- Daevid Allen - guitar
- Ziska Baum - chant
- Patrick Firpo - guitar
- Loren Lawner - violin

LP1 - Paris, 1968
I Lovin Spaceship
II Women of Moon
III Vanishing Rama
IV Guharam Rock
I Between Spirits
II Ancient Faces

LP2 - NYC, 1970
I Rainbow Forest
II Titicaca
I Voyage to Nebadon
II Ananda

Thanks to polvere di farfalla for the rip (flac format + artwork)! :o)

Rainbow Forest...

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isabelbc said...

polvere said...

good work isabel :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks, as always.

LRRooster said...

Jardin du Luxembourg ("Luco" in parisian language !) Rue Monsieur Le Prince et son prolongement par la rue Gay Lussac. J'y ai vécu mais 25 ans plus tard !.
Big thx for this one. Another great post.

Tristan Stefan said...

most beautiful gardens in Paris, and one of the most beautiful in the world, everyone should see them once...

Anonymous said...

thank you for this great post tristan

Anonymous said...

isabel, do you have morningsong - listen to a sunrise?

Tristan Stefan said...

this post is from isabel, not tristan :-)

Buddhabreath said...

Thanks very much indeed! A welcome update - remastered and flacs! Yay! Goodbye old mp3s...

Anonymous said...

Actually, mp3s are better for some of us... this a very big file to download for those of us with smaller dload allowances and less reliable connections. Before I try again to get this (depositfiles froze up on me last time, over 100mb in) can anyone tell me if this is a clean rip or a very crackly one? I already have a low bitrate highly crackly rip of this, hoping to find something better. If only they released this on cd I would buy it!
best wishes,

isabelbc said...

this is a clean rip!
thanks to polvere for this perfect rip! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It seems I finally managed to get the whole thing downloaded; I look forward to listening.
best wishes,

rfox said...

Many thanks for a fantastic post.
Any chance for a repost of Julio pereira & xarhanga on wac or flac ?

isabelbc said...

hi Anonymous,
i'm sorry, i haven't morningsong - listen to a sunrise :(

isabelbc said...

hi rfox,
i haven't the original albums, please, try with Carlos Santos ( )
or Dr. Bell Otus ( )
Isabel :o)

dino m said...

Does anyone know how to burn vlac to a cd-r?

sorbus said...

Thanking You Dear IsabelSweet Solstice Merry Cristmas and a Guid New Year tae You an` Yours X<3

Anonymous said...


the MP3 link on deposit files in dead.

Any chance to re-up?

Thank you, Mario - Genova

Anonymous said...

great thanx

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