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Arturo Meza con Gente de Mexico (Mexico,1985) ....prog folk

Arturo Meza con Gente de Mexico (Mexico,1985) ....prog folk

What's your ultimate favorite 10 prog albums ?

In my case,
The following 10 albums are listed at once.. (no order)

1. Eduard Artemiev "Warmth of Earth" (Russia)
2. Mike Oldfield "Incantations" (UK)
3. Tribute "New Views " (Sweden)
4. Genesis "Foxtrot" (UK)
5. Genesis "Selling England by the Pound" (UK)
6. Maria Burmaka  "N 9"(Ukraine,)
7. YES "Close to the Edge" (UK)
8. Steve Hackett " Voyage of the Acolyte" (UK)
9 .Ashra Temple "New Age of Earth" (Germany)

And the last one is ....

This album by Arturo Meza.

In fact,he recorded  almost thr same tracks twice.
And released  twice. (maybe both in 1985)
The other one (as his 1st solo album) was also released as CD before.RYM
But" this "one has never been released as  CD. RYM
And I believe that "this" only vinyl version is much better than his 1st solo album.

I got this vinyl in 1985,and continue listening until today,, and it alway gives me  a lot of joy and discovery .
Happy to enjoy this Masterpiece with all of you.

List up  your "ultimate 10 favorite prog albums" here  if you can ,please .!



Shige said...

mp3 ...ripped from vinyl.

netkups has some trouble now.
I will U WAV later....

Shige said...

WAV...ripped from the vinyl

Buddhabreath said...

Thanks very much Shige, I appreciate your work!

Al baar said...

Great musician. I will upload the album "No vayamos a irnos si el mar".

apps79 said...

incredible rarity, so many thanks Shige!

Tristan Stefan said...

Yes Relayer, Genesis Selling England, Soft Machine 3, King Crimson Lizard, Gilgamesh 1st, Hatfield Rotters Club, National Health 1st, Cathedral Stained Glass Stories, Transit Express Opus Progressif, Nanu Urwerk, ouch-- is that 10 already?? too many...

M said...

Of all time?
1. UK - UK
2. Bruford - One of a Kind
3. Jethro Tull - Songs from the Wood
4. Ambrosia - s/t
5. Yes - Relayer
6. ELP - Brain Salad Surgery
7. Gentle Giant - In a Glass House
8. Dixie Dregs - What If
9. Brand X - Masques
10. Nova - Vimana

Shige said...

Hi,Tristan Stefan.
Thanks for the list up.

Nanu Urwerk....really must album for Canterbury fans.

Canterbury scene's charm is that theri skill for playing is the best,however,they feel shy for the skill and want to mix humour with the skill .
Summing up,
It is the sence of humour of British people,I suppose.

Shige said...

Thank you very much for the list up.

3. Jethro Tull - Songs from the Wood

I also love it the best of all Jethro Tull's.

4. Ambrosia - s/t
8.Dixie Dregs-What If

Never listened to it.
I will try them .

5. Yes - Relayer

I also love it as well as CTTE.
I have read Patrick Moraz's interview before.In it,he threw up that he was fired by the other members although he had bought new keyboards to join next YES album,,,,That's too bad.
I wanted to listen to the other YES album by Moraz.

ushaped said...

Strictly prog:

Yes - Relayer
Maxophone - Maxophone
King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
Jethro Tull - Stand Up
Procol Harum - Shine On Brightly
Genesis - Nursery Chryme
Egg - The Polite Force
Gong - Angel's Egg
Steve Hillage - Fish Rising
Gentle Giant - Octopus

Shige, please tell me where the Moraz interview can be found. I am a keyboardist and Moraz was always my favourite of all the Yes keys men.

Shige said...

Thank you very much for the list up.

I have read the article about Moraz here.
But it isn't read anymore .....

Tristan Stefan said...

It amazes me how the british so dominated the early years of progressive rock, creating those styles of symphonic with genesis, of fusion with soft machine, of organ-style with elp, RIO with henry cow, etc. What was it about UK that made it such a powerhouse?

Dr Dopo said...

Its hard to make top ten lists, because I feel this enormous sense of betrayal towards all the albums I love so dearly that don't get included. It's like having a hundred best friends and trying to pick groomsmen for your wedding. Here's 10 of my favorites though! (some great ones have already been mentioned btw!)

Yes - Close to the Edge
Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans
Camel - Mirage
Soft Machine - Third
Anekdoten - Nucleus
King Crimson - Red
Fermata - Huascaran
Pekka Pohjola - Harakka Bialoipokku
Atoll - Musiciens-Magiciens
Wigwam - Fairyport

Shige said...

Hi,Tristan Stefan.
I agree with you.
A big and tall tree stands.
The name of the tree is "Prog".
The roots of the tree is called "UK".

All prog roads lead to UK....

Anonymous said...

I'll play, my Gnosis 15s & 14s,

Bruford, Bill One of a Kind
Brand X Masques
Gentle Giant Free Hand
King Crimson Discipline
Moving Gelatine Plates The World of Genius Hans
Univers Zero UZED
Zappa, Frank Sleep Dirt (original instrumental LP)
Egg The Polite Force
Area Arbeit Macht Frei

Shige said...

thanks so much for listing up.
I see what you mean.
It is very hard to choose 10 prog ultimate albums.
It has enormous significance in young generation that start to listening to prog.
They will look at our selection ,and dig there ,just like we did long,long ago.
And they will walk these long and complicated prog roads for many years...

Thanks so much for listing up.

>>>Univers Zero "Uzed"

This is my favorite,too.
When listening to it for the first time,
I was very shocked.
Because ,their style is very fresh and impressive at that time.

>>>Moving Gelatine Plates The World of Genius Hans

I have never tried before.
Cover of the album is also important for prog listeners.(LOL) .
I wll try soon.

Anonymous said...

1.perry leopold , christian lucifer (!!!)
2.HOME , the alchemist
3.Pavlovs dog, pampered menial
4.Camel, same
5.Patto, hold your fire
6.Spring, same
8.simon finn, pass the distance
9.High tide, sea shanties
10.Focus, mother focus
i think its always difficult to say what "progressive" exactly is, especially if you take the real meaning of it. there are a lot people who pushed the music forward..
einstürzende neubauten, inchtabockatables, kaleidoscope (us), yat kah and altan urag from mongolia (please give them a chance, LISTEN!!!!), edem ahbez,spoils of war and fifty foot hose,baby d :)(if you like jungle is another question...), ENO, Kraftwerk and and and.....

papag_Gr said...

Hi there , my favourite list is :
1.Agamemnon - Agamemnon
2.Eloy - Dawn
3.Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
4.Genesis - Selling England by the Pound
5.Van der Graaf - H to He or i am the only one
6.Camel - Snow Goose
7.Yes - Close to the Edge
8.Madden and Harris - Fools Paradise
9.Atlantis Philarmonic - s/t
10.Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure


Dr Dopo said...

Hey anonymous, I'm checking out altan urag right now, its amazing! Thanks a bunch for the suggestion!

Some great lists on here guys! Many of my other favorites, as well plenty of goodies I haven't heard yet for me to check out

Dr Dopo said...

...And by the way Shige, it's funny you mention it, because I actually am a member of the young generation of prog fans! You are absolutely right, blogs such as this one, as well as the lists and suggestions from those who have already spent years collecting and digging up the goodies have been a huge benefit to me.

Shige said...


>>>And by the way Shige, it's funny you mention it, because I actually am a member of the young generation of prog fans!

Really ?
My mistaken.
I thought you are the miiddle age ,such as me.
Because your words seem to include deep aphorism .
Sorry too much !!!

Shige said...


thank you very much for the list up.
I listened to
>>>perry leopold , christian lucifer

for the first time.
It is great prog folk album.
I love it and already listened several times.
Not boring at all !!!

Shige said...


Thanks for the list up very much.

About Pink Floyd ,you listed for the first time.
It is big surprise for me.
I thought more proggers would list their albums among 10 favorities.

>>>Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure

I never listened to it and will try when I have a chance !

Anonymous said...

Hello to eveybody...
Just found this & smells fresh:


Shige said...

Thanks for the info.
It seems an excellent album.
It is their 2nd new album released on October,isn't it ?
how can I order this vinyl ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shige,
I suppose from the band's site.
There's a web address at the end of YouTube's credits.


papag_Gr said...

Hi again , please check "Cloudburst Flight" from Force Majeure of TD and you will understand why i ve selected it within the 10 best prog albums

Shige said...

Thanks for the comment very much.

>>>please check "Cloudburst Flight"

Yeah,I'm DL the album now.
After listening to it,I will comment here again.

Shige said...

I listened to "Force Majeure".
Surprisingly,it is a Prog rock
As my prejudice,
TD is a electronics meditation-like band.
However,in fact,it is a passionate rock album.
Highly recommended to all of prog fans.
All of the 3 tracks are brilliant.

Tristan Stefan said...

I like that TD album too but let me mention my favourite tangerine dream, the soundtrack to sorceror.... since they do shorter tracks here, they are quite composition-oriented rather than meditative.

igdfpro said...

This Arturo's album is called "NO VAYAMOS A IRNOS SIN EL MAR" from 1984.

Here's a Wikipedia link with Arturo's info:

And here is the album:

Temporary Official Site:

Anonymous said...

ultimate 10 favorite prog albums:
King Crimson-Court Of Crimson King
Van der Graaf - H to He or i am the only one
Brand X- Unorthodox Behavior
Sand- Golem
Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure
Soft Machine- Third
Genesis- The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Yes- Close To The Edge
Pink Floyd- The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Shige said...

Thank you very much for the info about Arturo Meza.
I wonder if your info is about the following link of his 1st album...tell me your opinion,please .

Shige said...

thanks for your ultimate 10 prog albums.

>>>Sand- Golem

I tried it for the first time today.
We call this kind of music nowadays "Dark Ambient" partly,don't we?
It is an excellent prog pregnant with meaning .

Jon Davis said...

This Arturo Meza seems to be nearly the same as "No Vayamos..." but not exactly. Track lengths don't match up. I found a lyrics site with most of his songs and found that the available dls of No Vayamos and this one here *neither* match the actual songs. I've started trying to make sense of all this but it's very confusing.

Klinker said...

Hey, Shige!
Any link to the vinyl version of this album is BROKEN .Can You please repost? Many Thanks!

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