Tuesday, October 23, 2012

VA - Folk and Rock (Germ., 78)

A beautiful VA album of folk rock from Germany, featuring well-known bands Aquarell, Hartleed, Lilienthal, and the awesome Emma Myldenberger, with each band playing 2-3 songs.  Fans of folk will surely be thrilled with this entry.  I was particularly impressed with the Emma songs (except the last one, which made me want to vomit) of course, we all know and love this group -- all reading this should (by now) be familiar with this band, and if not, I recommend you definitely dig into their discography.

Btw, several of these songs are interpretations of traditional folk songs. You will see on the scanned (lol!) insert which songs are written by the band and which are trad.

Thanks again to Sebastian and the growing bin records website for bringing this to our attention!
As samples, first the bizarrely-titled track from Hartleed:
Wok op fro + Schottentanz

And then, the Emma M. entry called Colchiques:


Tristan Stefan said...


Tristan Stefan said...

that was the mp3, here is the flac:

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Hate to be off topic here, but what happened to search engine v. 2.0? I used it a whole lot the first time, and when it went back on line.. Any chance of a 3.0?

Anonymous said...

Hi, im from germany,"wok op fro" sounds like a dialect-joke, it means "woke up happy", for sure..
with best wishes

Tristan Stefan said...

thanks for that translation, I was puzzled by it

Anonymous said...

Both links sound dead, reup please?
Colchiques is a famous french song by the way.

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