Saturday, September 29, 2007

C.P. Lee & Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias "Radio Sweat" {England} [1996] (Comedy)

Radio Sweat was the final release by the Albertos, almost 20 years after they were real well known.

Taking the spoof of an "English Local Radio Station" the songs are introduced as if they are the playlist of the DJ on said station. The Phone-Ins are very much like the local radio we get here.

All too quickly the Radio Sweat idea gives way to some Live Tracks (which I like better anyway) and after that we get some Bonus tracks which sound like demos.

I have to admit that I am posting this to make the previous post of Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias truly "Complete". Unless there are any real nice bootlegs of them LIVE in the 70's (when they were absolutely excellent), there is as far as I know very little else of recorded output from them.

Life is strange, I have had 4 deaths around my circle of people recently aged from 71 to 21, with a 24 year old in that group too. Whereas, the events do allow you to feel some respect for the life we have - As a person who has had 'Out of body experiences - which I would call Near Death' I can testify that the next life is far far more interesting than this life.

I know that Christian Faith holds power as I have been involved with it and have woken to the heralds of Angels singing by me. However, what the Christian Dogma does not include is the idea of Re-Incarnation. And that I cannot accept.

Oh yes. Back to the album. If you liked the previous post - Then you may well like this too. (At least 1 person did.) If you didn't like then forget this. It's only for C.P.Lee fans.

Sweat Land:
01 Shot By Both Sides (4:00)
02 Trouble With A 'G' (3:58)
03 Birthday Surprise (4:27)
04 My Feets Go Soul (3:32)
05 Gabble Natter Chatter (6:41)
06 Bite The Bullet Ivan (4:35)
Live Trax:
07 You Made A Hostage Of My Heart (3:58)
08 Contact Lense (4:06)
09 Telephone (3:35)
10 Put The Funkin' Kettle On (4:01)
11 Saluting Sgt. Bilko (9:17)
Bonus Trax:
12 Ou Est Madeline? (4:13)
13 Table Love (2:17)
14 The Ballad Of Robin Hood (3:16)
15 Alcoholotta Trouble (2:57)


ZaXXoN said...

320 Sample with high res covers.

Έσάρ Σέβεντιουάν said...

Now i have the complete discography! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have a Berts album titled "The Death of Rock and Roll" released on the Canadian label "El Mocambo" and produced by Nick Lowe. I've done a search of the whole web and not found a reference to it [except the song "Death of Rock and Roll" on a compilation album]. I've just sent an email to CP Lee to see if he remembers coming to Canada and doing it. It's possible that this record was only released in Canada. And I got a copy of it. Yay for me!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up for this?

I need it to complete my collection.


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