Monday, January 14, 2008

Rixsta - Rixsta {UK} (2007) (funk blues prog) Exclusive for Pnf!

We met with Riki a while ago. I love the music of him. Energic, a variety of funk, blues, soul, prog and hard rock and the result is something progressive inside. From his site we made a comp. There are many more tunes waits you in his site. I cant stop myself to listen some songs over and over. Thanks to him to give me a chance to introduce his music to you. Hope you like it too!

from his myspace;
From Ringwood Hampshire .. iv'e been playin Guitar for about 7 years and singing most of my life .. i never practice any of my songs ..if i practice they would be better i usualy record a song the same day i make it up ..and then forget about it. Theres so many Briliant musicians out there i just hope they get to be heard and i hope one day i can join or start a band to make great music! ... Respect and Peace to all those who care about this world .. Cheers

further more:

ps. coverart made from my friend endewi's collection. feel free to pop in for some great pictures & thanks to her :o)



nahavanda said...


Sadness said...

Great idea Nah, Riks been a good friend for quite awhile..getting many albums i couldn`t find etc..i`ve already got most of his songs from his website..go for it Rixsta..all best

Anonymous said...

Hi nahavanda,
This was posted a while ago on Lizardson's blog. He has been very supportive to me. however, as his blog is mostly folk oriented, it was probanly out of place there.
It would be an honour to see it here. Like Riki I tend to write & record in the same day, then move on to something else. I would never ask for money for my recordings and I have never sent anything to a record company. The first 'big bucks' artist was probably Elvis so this idea has only been around for 50 years or so. Music is much, much older. The cash for tunes era is merely a blip.
All the best to you

Anonymous said...

thanks! its good

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, I downloaded the first link, but the second ia already deleted. These men are crazy... Now I make a new link for the first part and wil post it in some minutes here. Please, do the same with the second part.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for the first part:
Shawn Gordon kills the music!

Anonymous said...


what a maniac that guy is!

btw thanks for the music! guitar and vocals really cool! i hope you find a great band, and bring great music to our ears! Rock On!

Rixsta said...

Thanks again for posting my recordings!
Not sure why somone would deleate it tho haha and Cheers for your comments!
i feel like making more music hehehe

If anyone can give me links to some good drum samples! that would be great! most samples are 4/4 time and it's not very adventerous

Long live Prog-Not-Frog!

Anonymous said...

Shawn Gordon keeps working:( The first part is available now only in Zshare. Here is another link:
Shawn Gordon has to ask for mercy!
Thank you for the wonderful music, Rixsta!
Ivan from Bulgaria

folderol said...

I wasn't too quick to download part 2. Could anybody re-upload please?

John said...

you can get all the tracks fast here!

tracklist for this compilation was

Rixsta - 01 Vocals idea mix (2007-04-25).mp3
Rixsta - 02 Train's a Commin' New Vocals Idea Mix (2007-09-18).mp3
Rixsta - 03 PopFunk (Voc) .mp3
Rixsta - 04 The frustration bloody kills me (v1) (2007-01-07).mp3
Rixsta - 05 We Can Heal Each Other I Want you (2007-09-27) .mp3
Rixsta - 06 (v2) (2007-04-19).mp3
Rixsta - 07 (2007-04-17).mp3
Rixsta - 08 Session Part II (2007-08-30).mp3
Rixsta - 09 Session Part I (2007-08-30 ).mp3
Rixsta - 10 Vocals idea Mix (2007-09-16).mp3
Rixsta - 11 (2007-04-25).mp3

folderol said...

got them, thanks

endewi said...

...lets say that i gave u a permission to use this photo :)

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