Monday, January 21, 2008

Pirates Against Prog?

To avoid spending endless hours debating illegal downloading we decided to write this.

First of all everyone must accept as fact that illegal downloading, bloggers that upload entire albums for people to download for free and torrents doing what they refer to as "sharing music" is really a disaster for the artists financially.

There is a direct link between the increased illegal "free" downloading and the decreasing amount of music being sold. That is read more here


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jfcksr said...

they dont publish this

" 1) We are only doing the bands a favour, making them more known."

Well, in a way, yes. "

None of these bands are mentioned on this site, so if it makes their sales drop, I can figure why. Its not because of this drastic conclusion -->

" They are more known to people who don't pay for
the pleasure of listening. "

Are you crazy. I pay for the pleasure of listening, and I do not for the pleasure of sharing and searching. many people I share my music with actually start buying cd's, and expand their horizons, just like they have expanded mine

" They are not getting better known to the people who buy the music. These are usually not visiting these places - blogs, torrents etc - "


" etc - where the stolen music is found. They have other ways to find out about new music they want to buy and listen to. "

connection between sharing and stealing = ?

" 4) How shall I know what to buy if I can not download and listen to it first?

Well, this makes some sense. There are a few out there who use free downloads for this purpose and that is of course perfectly ok, "


" but also a slippery slope. However these people make up about 1% of the people downloading, so we are forced to say.. " (...)

you should support those friends

" Sorry, there are too many people out there stealing the artists
work so we can not allow it. "

many sheep among the people

" On the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities to find some of the songs from the albums available as legal free downloads on the artists and record companies websites. Labels and artists are trying to let you try before you buy in as reasonable manner as possible, but to give away entire albums does not work, people just are not likely to pay for something that they've already gotten for free. "

thats just your sollution to a problem your target audience here doesnt have

" 5) I live in a poor country and can not afford buying CD's "

" The world is far from perfect. Life is not fair. "

its what you make it to be

" Most of us on this planet wish it was differently. "

most of us dont excist

" But it can not be right that the record companies should be the one's
responsible for changing the future of this planet. "


(...) " Even if you live in a country with a bad economy, please at least do what you can, after all, you're paying for your internet connection so it can't be that bad. Buy at least a couple of downloads and take the music that is put up legally. "

money is your god

bobhowe said...

Hi There
I have just had a go at these hypocrites on their website. Here are some bullets for you to fire. At least 3 of the sites on their recommended list, Record Heaven, Laser's Edge and Syn Phonic all stock pirate CDs on bootleg labels such as Germanofon, Hugo Montes, Synton, Sunrise and Lizard. In all these cases the artists get nothing so these shops they recommend are ripping off both customers and artists by stocking them. See if you can post this info on some major prog forum somewhere so that it will cause them the maximum amount of embarassment. I have discovered and bought more music on CD through blogging off sites like yours than I ever did before. They're complete arseholes.

antonios said...

i want to register to your blog if this be private!

bobhowe said...

I have e-mailed progagainstpirates twice and pointed out the hypocrisy of their recommended suppliers selling pirate CDs when they are condemming bloggers who post music illegally but big surprise neither has been published. I would also tell you that Johnny from Transubstans has the balls to sign up to their campaign when he works for Record Heaven one of the worst offenders for selling pirate CDS. I don't know about you guys but I think we should let them see what effect withdrawing our so called non existent sales has on their business. I also listened to some of the music they have on their site jukebox and it's not surprising their sales are poor it sounded like a 3rd division Yes. If I wanted to listen to music like this I'd pull out my copy of Fragile every time in preference to this lame stuff. What we should do is boycott every shop on their list and hit them in the pocket where it hurts the most. I personally will now not upgrade my vinyls of Radiomobel, Ravjunk or Anglabarn to CD as a protest against Transubstans who are reissuing them and who support Shawn Gordon.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bother posting there, unless you like avoidance of your points and deleted posts.

Anonymous said...

If somebody is to blame than it is google and rapidshare. In a world of capitalism they never prosecute the extra rich.

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